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Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Sahasra Slope Skyview guide, Billson’s mushroom cave quest walkthrough

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This is Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Sahasra slope Skyview guide will show you exactly what you need to do in order to complete the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom billson’s mushroom cave Quest.


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If you needed help with this stupid Zelda Tears of the Kingdom mushroom cave quest, then this Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Sahasra slope Skyview walkthrough will help you a lot. This guy is extremely misleading he makes it sound like you need to go into the cave to get mushrooms but that is not why you need to go into that cave. In this Zelda tears of the Kingdom mushroom Skyview guide I’ll show you exactly what you actually need to do.


  1. They should have never had him mention mushrooms. That was either a translation error or just terrible game design. I didnt pay 70 dollars to be mislead. A hiccup of a rather near perfect game

  2. Brah searching for mushrooms for like 20 mins 😂

  3. Thanks so much this was killing me lol

    If they just said there was caves and Hadn’t mentioned mushrooms I would have assumed

  4. i thought we would find some shrooms, get him high, he'll bust down the door. i keep forgetting ascend is a damn thing except when i want an emergency escape from certain caves.

  5. Thirty thousand people looked this up, and I'm guessing because this was the most unimaginable tower quest. Instead of looking for some damn mushrooms to feed this guy.

  6. I thought the game glitched. Some of the puzzles in the game are complete bullshit.

  7. I'm only here because mushrooms didn't work

  8. What a terrible hint. What was the point of mentioning mushrooms?

  9. I was so frustrated honestly. I BROUGHT you your damn mushrooms stupid bird 😩

  10. Wow…Yeah I had cleared that cave the did a Arial survey of any cave around so said screw it legs Google this! Yeah I would have NEVER found this o.O….

  11. Omg!! If it wasn’t for you guys showing us the way, I would be stuck!! Thanks so much

  12. This was so annoying, thanks for the tutorial

  13. Dude that was super frustrating thank you

  14. Ok thank you for your help I was stuck on what to do

  15. Just got the game , promised myself I wasn’t gonna watch a tutorial and now here I am

  16. Thanks man. You saved me. Didn't know there was a way tonuse ascend here

  17. why this guy talks about a cave with mushrooms? this is totally misleading.
    thx for the guide

  18. ugh.. I'm sitting here with a pile of mushrooms at this dudes feet

  19. This one was so dumb, I was holding so many mushrooms and it would not trigger.

  20. Its misleading stuff like this that bothers me with gaming because i took 3 trips through the cave looking for mushrooms thinking that was really what i had to get, if he said "i wonder if theres a tunnel through the cave i could take maybe?" It would have been more helpful

  21. Not me destroying every rock in the cave to find mushrooms. Then dropping stacks of mushrooms at his feet. Not to mention the amount of mushroom dishes I made. Why, why Nintendo 😭

  22. good lord tell me the rest of the game isnt like this 🤦‍♂️

  23. You don’t know how many times I just threw the mushrooms on the floor by his feet hoping it would work haha but this was a tricky one! Thanks for the upload!

  24. Glad to see I'm not the only one who got confused as hell.

  25. Appreciate this I couldn’t find it out thanks

  26. Was wondering around the cave looking for mushrooms for close to an hour. The mushrooms are a lie!!!

  27. I’m sorry, but not in a million years would I have looked there. Thank you so much for showing this.

  28. Thanks so much dude, I spent like three hours scouring the mountain for any other possible caves for some mysterious mushroom. Such a misleading dialogue

  29. This has to be the most infuriating quest in the game. How was I to know that what he meant by "I want mushrooms" was actually "theres a spot in the caves where you can ascend into the tower" lmao.

  30. OMG! I spent like an hour in that cave looking in every corner for mushroom for this fricking guy and tried to hand him all the ones I had. Loving the game but this was very poor.

  31. Yeah I notice ceilings having a circle rock and they all have some kind of secret

  32. Bro that’s shit is stupid, I went all over that mountain looking for mushrooms with no change in his dialogue, I thought I was losing my mind. Thank you good sir 🙏

  33. OHHHHHHHHHHH my dumb ass thought this dude wanted mushrooms

  34. Good lord. Swing and a miss on this tower. This game has been great so far but fuck this one

  35. Thanks for this … been looking for stinking mushrooms forever

  36. I went in the entrance you showed, steered left through the rocks, and emerged at the other cave entrance. Your video isn't very helpful. lol

  37. FYI – there is a secret chamber behind the big rock.

  38. Wow I felt like an idiot looking for mushrooms 😑

  39. So stupid that he even mentions mushrooms if it has nothing to do with it.

  40. The fact this video has 5.5k views on day two of games release makes me not feel so bad 😂😅 here I am certain that we got a glitched version of the game that doesn’t have blue mushrooms

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