Youtube Panel: Adam Koralik, Kim Justice, Slope's Game Room, Retro Man Cave - The Retro Hour EP148 -

Youtube Panel: Adam Koralik, Kim Justice, Slope’s Game Room, Retro Man Cave – The Retro Hour EP148

The Retro Hour (Retro Gaming Podcast)
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We’re joined by some of our favourite retro gaming Youtubers for a round-table discussion about game collecting tips, rare systems and the joys and troubles of a career on Youtube, recorded live at PLAY Expo Blackpool.

Adam Koralik:
Kim Justice:
Slope’s Game Room:
Retro Man Cave:

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Nintendo wins $12million from ROM sites:
The ‘mini PC Classic’ is coming:
Sega apply for trademarks of their classic consoles:
Restoring the Apollo Guidance Computer:


  1. Really enjoyable talk. I like all these people!

  2. A big thumbs up from me! … I was listening to this on the drive to work this morning… I’m very happy you’re publishing on YouTube as well as casting! … great work guys!

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