Y8.com slope glitch! If u want the world record! - cybergame-beauchamp.fr

Y8.com slope glitch! If u want the world record!

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  1. There's also a glitch where you can faze through walls but it messed up and it's in really bad positions like on the side of tunnels you can faze through it and on the ramps you can faze through walls

  2. Welp! downloaded an auto key clicker and set it to enter, cant fell the glitch and get 50 points right off the start

  3. You can activate the glitch while glitched. If you do this 100s of times, it should technically have the whole slope comepletely covered in slopes in a shape like this —-> / and given the rng, you could get to thousands.

  4. that's why nobody plays slope anymore because it is already with many mistakes and people like me prefer to download it or play it on mobile

  5. Click faster and you’ll always get it first try

  6. nope because if u fall it falls forever (at least it did 4 me)

  7. It's easier and harder, because you die much faster but you alos get many points.

  8. why would you cheat this is so bad i hate you

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