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When I got my first record over 300 on Slope Game

Michael Viera
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It was around 150 on the scoreboard where many scores are cheated

I changed the title from “World Record” to “Documented Record”, now to this “when I […]” because especially the first I have no clue about so maybe that’s fairer.

Note. YouTubers with high scores play on a site called Unblocked Games. It hosts the same game, uses the same scoreboard, but it runs smoother than on y8.com. It still bugs a lot etc.


TL;DR (btw, music standing in the bottom)

I wrote this to a guy called EmperorGingy in my comment section:

“I don’t play Slope Game now because my current keyboard has input latency and because I don’t try to play so much. My best score was 310 but it was an insane rng; I got the tunnel obstacle so many times in a row. It kinda demotivated me because it is too RNG-depending. They should remove the tunnel obstacle (or limit it in a consistent way or w/e) – and ofc. the glitches – then it would be a great game.”

Because it is so RNG-depending, I also think it was very wrong to call it a World Record or Best Document Record as I did initially.

When I get a new keyboard and time, etc., I want to hunt for a more impressive run than this, the 417 perhaps, but if I get an insane RNG and it doesn’t look more impressive than this, then I’m not going to upload it. It isn’t so much about the score imo, but about the speed control. But the speed control ofc. tend to correlate with a high score.

I want you to check this guy as well:
That’s the fastest speed that was uploaded on Youtube probably. I have also reached such speeds, but sadly, as you get higher and higher speeds, you are more and more vulnerable to glitches, so it tends to punish you. As expected, exactly that happened to be the case with this guy.

Him and I geeked this game in like 1 month (but we had both played it before with a long break between) and in a very short time we managed to pull off these impressive runs (I guess xD). So yeah, there is a lot of room to improve and create more impressive runs.


NxxxxxS – Potential Weather [edited]
Ace Combat 3 – Gordian Knot


  1. Never thought about going around the side of the speed ups maybe itll stop me from going through the ramp

  2. My highest score is 118 how do move the ball like that!!!

  3. Just saying this game is malware google even flagged it saying it could be dangerous

  4. There is an exploit were if you spam enter when you die you have a chance of generating 2 maps and double points

  5. your amazing my pb is only 121 or so I have had only 5 runs above 100 and I always die seconds afterwards

  6. broo wtf how my highest is 56 on my school laptop lmao

  7. Do you have the link to the exact website you were playing on?

  8. u are so slow….. u need play better 4 play with me

  9. my records 273 and it's really cool to see someone else play and see all the little tricks I use. Like falling off the stuff at the start to skip the ramp and save speed.

  10. My highscore is 50!

    For I minute I didn't realize this was sped up- xD

  11. My highest score is 117. I’ve only been in the hundreds like 4 or 5 times. This is unimaginable getting such control on that ball

  12. my high score is 103 bruh this shit seems impossible 😭

  13. everybody gangsta until he starts skipping steps

  14. I think once in 7th grade I got like 48 or sum but I’m so bad that I’ll never get that again 😂

  15. Her: no one is home tonight so maybe you can come over

  16. Why did he only do like to of the skinny runs

  17. how are you not glitching through the speed up tunnels. This amount of luck is astronomical!!!

  18. heroico en free fire? no bro cuentame hasta cuanto llegaste en Este juego

  19. so you just randomly recorded your slope game?

  20. My records 125 exactly. But congrats to you on such a good high score! I'll come for that high score one day… HEHE

  21. My Highest Score I've Ever Gotten Was 126

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