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We Put in a Ski Slope in the Edge Space!!

Team Edge
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Hey guys! In this challenge, we slide down a giant slope! We ride down boogie boards, duct tape, sleds, and more! Bobby, Bryan, and Jfred race down to see who is the ultimate winner of the Ski Slope Race! Our guys have appeared on some popular channels like Dope or Nope, Get Good Gaming, and Battle Universe! Some popular videos you may have seen are “Survive the Tightrope Course! | Larger Than Life!”, “Answer Wrong and Run Faster!! Last to Survive the Treadmill Wins”, and “We Built a Tiny Home in Our Truck bed!!”. Who do you think will win today’s crazy challenge? Stay tuned for next week’s challenges because we post new videos every week!

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  1. I will watch you guys videos forever

  2. I love the Intros when they are like: "Thats that, and thats not that!" xd


  4. Jfreds scream has lost comedic value to me by now

  5. That giy with the red helmet that won the flag thing should have been dq'd for the boots

  6. Bobby is now Cool he is now he surfboards

  7. this video made me laugh so hard!!!

  8. Purchased sushi with what. I WANT TO KNOW!!!

  9. This video just foreshadows a truth we will have to deal with in a couple years: Team Edge may get too old for these challenges (shudder)

  10. 1:38 almost made me cry laughing, my sense of humour is great lol

  11. Okay so then Bobby isn’t short the rest of all are just gigantic

  12. I just watched this EXACTY the day it became a year ago for this video. Hope you continue your awesomeness!

  13. Man, as soon as bobby and Bryan are out that's when i stop caring about who wins.

  14. May God bless y’all and get ready repent and confess of your sins because Jesus is coming back 🙏💯🙏🙏

  15. One thing I will have to say I love about this channel other than their challenges and their creativity and how funny they are is that you can tell they are all genuine friends. You can tell that they all definitely love each other. You can just seeing how they act around each other and everything like that. He will always have a subscriber from me

  16. This is going to BE HYPE! TeamEdge you guys came out with another brilliant idea. I commend you guys on the idea, all of you keep being BOSSES!

  17. Me a 5’2 male when I found out Bobby’s 5’10👁👄👁

  18. These videos are not complete without joeys high pitch scream ✋🏼😂

  19. bByan: " Is that necesary?
    Joey: " IS it Necessary to lie?"

  20. Kevin: “How did you get so high, Bobby?”

    Me: He’s got flat feet.

    Bobby: I’m like a gecko.

  21. My dream would be to go down that thing lol

  22. I hate how many precautions they take, like all the stuff they do isn’t dangerous at all. They have floaty’s everywhere in mattresses at the end, I feel like it would be better content if they hurt themselves on purpose, like risking it would make their context go so far

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