very odd Slope game -

very odd Slope game

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I got a lot of out-of-the-ordinary bounces this run, and somehow survived all of them. the end is a bit anticlimactic, but also pretty unique. the most unique part though was phasing through the high rung of the tunnel, I’ve never had that happen on that part before, only a couple times on the low rung.

Music: To the Stars (Version 2) – Track 9 () (thanks to @BLOCKYBearclawOfficial for letting me use his/her music!)

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  1. One of the most satisfying gameplays I've watched in a while!

  2. Wow, thanks bro! The gameplay syncs with the music in some parts so that's cool too.

  3. Where are you playing slope? I play on Y8 but do you play somewhere else?

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