The Victor OBS Livestream | S1 E4 | Yes, It's A Slope Game Again -

The Victor OBS Livestream | S1 E4 | Yes, It’s A Slope Game Again

Victor Hugo Ochoa
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Rated: TV-14-DLV
Some parts of language may be unsuitable for children under 14.

Real episode number: 4

1. You must be 13 and up when you’re on the live chat because this live stream is not intended for children under 13. If you’re under the age of 13, then goodbye.
2. Be always respectful to each other.
3. Requests are closed, so don’t bother to request me to do everything like logo remakes and the other stuff.
4. Don’t expect me to do the logo content like remaking logos and everything else, because you know what? While I do anything more than just logos in streams for example gameplays, fake continuity/commercial breaks, etc. And also don’t expect my online friends to do the logo content too.
5. Do not put people’s names and use people’s logos at the end credits and intros without their permission.
6. Don’t bring up any dramas or arguments in the live chat because I will not tolerate them. Like, I’ve been involved with dramas for years. And also, use your common sense, if not then goodbye.
7. Don’t play the copyrighted songs unless we have one of the memes/vines to watch for fun.
8. Don’t even bother to ask to join and/or for the call link because this is OBS, not StreamYard.
9. Don’t say “yOu FoRgOt To AdD mY lOgOs!1!1” because it’s getting so annoying. Plus, it’s not a big deal.
10. Do not use repetitive jokes like the TJGC humor we used to. It’s unfunny and annoying as hell.
11. I will not tolerate raiders that waste all their energy in the live chat which is turned to subscribers only.
12. Work hard at everything you do.
13. Don’t be angry, upset, or anything.
14. Don’t worry.
15. No joking around something offensive like diseases, deaths, etc.
16. Don’t be racist, sexist, or offensive at all.
17. Don’t hurt people’s feelings because if you do, then it proves you are a jerk and disrespectful.
18. Don’t spam in the live chat.
19. Do not bother me with the logo stuff and everything else while I’m busy playing games, reacting to videos, or whatever.
20. Do not use caps aggressively, it proves you are an immature person.
21. Do not pester me over reaction videos, and everything else.
22. If you break one of the rules, you will be timed out.
23. If you break another rule, you will be timed out again.
24. If you keep breaking the rules, you will be hidden permanently.
That’s all I said. Have fun.

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