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The Slope | SnowRunner | Trial Guide

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The Slope Trial Guide. One of four trials needed to Unlock Hood Ornaments in SnowRunner. Join the Fun! Subscribe to my channel today:


SNOWRUNNER is truly the next-gen OFF-ROAD EXPERIENCE! SnowRunner puts you in the driver’s seat of powerful vehicles as you conquer extreme open environments with the most advanced terrain simulation ever. Drive 40 vehicles from brands such as Ford, Chevrolet, and Freightliner as you leave your mark on an untamed open world.



  1. Wenn ich den anhänger so ziehe überschlägt der sich permanent hier nicht wiso?

  2. Whoever designed this trial needs a good smack in the head

  3. Damn this is hard on par with the ride on king except instead worrying about the time it’s flipping your truck

  4. brutal schwer schon mein 10 versuch und kaum noch nerven

  5. I feel like they should have at least given us snow chains. Yep it defeats the purpose but if you don't watch it you can still wreck. And recovery would have been nice.

  6. ah yes, snowrunner icy trial, for when you need to destroy your soul

  7. This trial is a ridiculous pain in the ass. Nearly impossible. I've gotten so close to the end but always tip, even with a winch on the side, to help keep me upright. Since they made it so difficult, they should allow us to use the map in the trial.

  8. 4 trials for hood ornaments? Seems a bit of a ridiculous reward for something that should have been unlocked right from the getgo

  9. This would be enjoyable if not for those "Screw up and restart the map"-spots. :/It would have also helped a bit if the winch could be used while tipped over.

  10. I tried over 20 times, my god! Thanks you your videos

    – STOP before the big slope
    – remove the container
    – positioned the winch very low / winch the container with the crane and drag it around the map
    -No need to stop for fuel , you have enough
    -At the end after the rocky section 🪨 turn right after the small hill climb , and go directly to the objective , you see a clear path .
    Using this shortcut will make you avoid the last 2 Bridge and make it in around 13-14min.

  12. I was about to flip over and that stupid winch ai fricked it up

  13. An easy way for this would be unpacking the container and dragging it with the crane. As of now, unpacked cargo has almost no weight and clips through terrain/trees. Before this I tried hoisting the container across the broken bridge and picking it up once I got to the other side, but I didn't manage to balance it on that ledge. It is possible, as another video shows.

  14. After trying this trial on and off I finally finished it

  15. Nice job! how many trys did you hav just curious?

  16. "detour" AKA the less fucked but still horrible path XD

    Thats what I dislike about the game most

  17. I put the truck in reverse and floored it down the icy slope. it was a 50/50 but it worked for me

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