The problem with SPACE INVADERS arcade cabinet! | Quarter Arcade review -

The problem with SPACE INVADERS arcade cabinet! | Quarter Arcade review

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Space Invaders is one the most iconic retro games ever released and even though you have most definitely played it, It’s unlikely you have ever played it the way it should have been played unless you played the original arcade cabinet. Calling all retro gamers: play ecco the dolphin passwords online and relive the 90s gaming magic!

Massive thanks to Numskull for letting me see the early prototypes of these cabinets. If you are interested in getting on here are some affiliate links
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Space Invaders is one of the greatest and most iconic retro games ever created.

A big thanks to Quarter Arcades for allowing me to take a deep dive on their latest arcade machine.

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  1. Hey DJ Slope, thank you for the great and informative video, well-put, as always! I've been thinking of picking up one of these Quarter Arcade machines myself but the TMNT Turtles In Time one, so that's why I can't wait for you to review it, as well!

  2. Wow a youtube video about Space Invaders with video footage of Space Invaders being played correctly. 99% of the time when someone shows Space Invaders, reviews it or whatever they have NO IDEA what the correct way to play it is and just plink at the aliens randomly. And if you do how to play it this is very, very irritating.

  3. I have the My Arcade mini cab from a few years ago, and it actually does pretty good at replicating the overlay mirror effect

  4. Space invaders got me into gaming. My brothers friend was the son of pub owners and I remember watching him play this in the pub out of hrs. That was me hooked just by watching. Next came an Atari, first game space invaders, and I’ve been a gamer ever since.

  5. I've preordered my TMNT quarter arcade already! Roll on December 15th!

  6. Couldn't the emulated version on the switch replicate the look by just simply chroma keying out the black and making the sprites partially transparent so you could see the fancy background through the emulated play space?

  7. I'm a CG modeler and I've built a physically accurate, 3D version of the Space Invaders cabinet. It was surprisingly tricky to get the screen image to properly line up with the mirror so that it looked correct through the shield. Same with Omega Race and Asteroids Deluxe.

  8. TAITO spelled backwards is OTIAT, and if you say it fast 5 times it makes sense.

  9. The anger when I was playing Donkey Kong and Pac Man at age five but unable to play ANY Space Invaders 1 or 2 due to the monitor viewing angle and me not having a step stool. Viewed from below where I touch the controls I could only see a blank screen.

  10. I own a Space Invaders Trimline model. Which is what taito called their cabaret models. So it's the shorter upright. It runs revision 4 with a 5 digit highscore, is black and white with a color cellophane. It uses a two way stick with a leaf switch instead of buttons for control. I haven't seen any other photo of a Trimline model with a 5 digit score like mine. I love Space Invaders

  11. Are there any other games that use the Pepper's Ghost effect? They now have the knowhow to do it right.

  12. You can get an even smaller version of this for $60, the My Arcade Space Invaders Micro Player. It does the mirror effect as well. 4.7" x 7.2" x 7.2"

  13. HAHAHAHA As a disney nerd Peppers Ghost was the first thing I thought of when you discribed the display!!!

  14. The best breakout style game is alpha bounce on the 3ds

  15. It seems like an OLED display would have been ideal

  16. I miss playing arcade games like SF2, Mortal Kombat and others along with my friends.

  17. I thought for a minute it was goig to be the way the difficulty increased as the originals speed up came from a quirk of the hardware rather than specifically being programmed in, it does look like a pretty faithful recreation from what I remember of the part 2 I used to frequently play at a pub in Hemsby, well done Numbskull.

  18. Seen your video on one of these Quarter Arcade Facebook pages last night and complimented there also. Really liked it and liked how you detailed and stated the Space Invaders cabs and the improvements of the Quarter Arcade.
    I'm a fan myself with the Numbskull Quarter Arcade and got every one of them. I pre-ordered both the Space Invaders and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ones with the pre-order barstools last summer. Really expensive lol.
    Can't wait when they finally come out and what 2024 will bring us.
    Keep up the good work 👍🏻

  19. Haha that jenky cup thing over the switch and having to use controls backwards…was just awful haha but super creative and you put way more effort into that than I ever will in a game so kudos sir haha great vid as always

  20. To this day, I still don't know where my dad got one, most likely from his Take Away shop, but in the early to mid 80s, we had one of those sit down table arcade machines of Space Invaders in our living room. It was a hell of a gathering point for us kids and friends, it doubled as a "play station" for our toys and to play the game, it was a kids diner table, it was even a money bank for my savings. Such a shame when we eventually got rid of it years later, the house was never the same without it.

  21. I had a old blue type Space Invader cabinet but unfortunately its had been converted to third party Invader's Revenge I sold it on as it was too big for the house .. its possibly one of the rarest conversion of the old space invaders cab

  22. Slight correction: Space invaders Part 2 doesn't use coloured sprites, it uses bands of coloured semi transparent film stuck to the black and white crt to give the monochrome sprites the illusion of colour as they advance down the screen. You can see this when bullets travel up/down the screen changing colour as they pass underneath each band.

  23. My friend Rebecca 'Burger Becky' Heineman was the first ever video game championship champion thanks to this game. She went on to be a huge name in the video game industry, helping create the Fallout series among others.

  24. For those that don't know. Space Invaders gameplay was revolutionary because Space invaders invented difficulty progression. The game got harder as you progressed through the level, because of the enemies getting faster as you kill more of them. That was new at the time. It changed everything. Other developers started designing games to have difficulty progression directly because of SI. Funny thing is, it happened by accident. The programmer put as many enemies on the screen at one time as the hardware could do, and instead of telling the hardware how fast the characters should move, he just told it to move them at the highest speed it could. Since almost all of the system memory was taken up by having so many characters on the screen at one time, the movement speed was slow, because there wasn't much memory left to run the character movement. So when he tested it, everytime he killed an enemy, there was then one less character on the screen at one time, so less system memory taken up by enemy sprites. So there was more memory available, so the hardware had more memory to run the character movement, so the speed increased after every kill. The programmer found this made the game more fun, so he didn't bother fixing the mistake, and rest is history.

  25. Whats the background music on this? I recognise it but can't place it. It's driving me nuts lol

  26. When you mentioned Part 2 being basically identical except for color, I imagined if the industry was like that today. Like, if they announced Mad World 2 for Switch and it was just the Wii game with the white space colored in, that'd be so goofy. So fun how time changes things

  27. That's pretty cool, they really went out of their way to get it accurate to the real machine

  28. Space Invaders is one of those older classics that never appealed to me. Pac-Man, sure, especially Ms Pac-Man which was far superior. Space Invaders was just the same game every time. It was predictable and didn't have much in the way of tactics. The same goes for Centipede which I always felt was rather meh but at least there the player has SOME freedom.

  29. Too bad Numskull priced me out of their products. Can't justify that or the 2 TMNTs. least New Wave Toys is still reasonable.

  30. One thing that really irks me about their product and gives it away that it isn't a real cab in photos is the coin door. Looks cheap and plastic, looking at all the other ones I collected, they look like the arcade, till you look at the coin door.

  31. I have an original tabletop version with the faux wood. It’s been in my family since the late 80s.

  32. Love your collection in the background. I remember playing polybius back in the day. Don't really remember much after playing it though…

  33. goddarn wow ok 340$ for that Space invaders…..that's crazy

  34. Why can't I find these anywhere!? It's infuriating!

  35. They really do go the extra mile, as do you sir!

  36. I was pretty hyped for these arcade machine and recently opted to buy Ms. Pacman and Bubble Bobble. While I do appreciate craftsmanship in regards to the cabinet, there are some design choices and quality control issues that were total dealbreaking for me. First of all the display panels used for these are of the worst crap quality I have EVER seen. At the slightest angle the colours get washed out and almost impossible to see. In Ms. Pacman the emulation was bad and there cuts in the sound while the intermissions were played. In Bubble Bobble everything just looked horrible as I guess the resolution was to blame. For the prices, which was even very high if everything was great, these were not worth it by a long shot. Naturally I returned both.

  37. I remember the yellow dot! I'm pretty sure it was just a sticker on the metal. No idea what it was its significance, or why it was there.

    Re: the mini-upright SI Part 2.. I'm a little taken aback that it uses the color version in there.. if it was 100% faithful to the original Taito SI2 upright cabinet, Only the UFO area and the Shields/ship areas would have the colored strip and everything else would be monochrome white (as you can see in your shots of the arcade original). SI Part 2 COCKTAIL was the version that was in full color. That said.. it still looks nice. I'll take it.

    I'm super happy the SI Part 2 background artwork is intact. For decades it seemed the only one the internet knew about was the Midway SI Deluxe artwork (which is arguably inferior), which is all fine and good but the one I grew up playing was the Taito versions and SI Part 2 bright red sky and blue moon seemed like a lost treasure. That background artwork wasn't even in Mame until relatively recently.

  38. I really don't see the difficulty Numskull had with Space Invaders. There have been a lot of amateur mini-cabs built over the past few years that looked pitch perfect and solved the "mirror problem" relatively easily.

  39. Any news on the release date? Just Geek still says November 2023…crossing my fingers on that one.

    Still can't wait for the Elevator Action pre-order (and let's see some prototypes for Rolling Thunder! *crosses fingers on other hand*).

    I just hope they've fixed the scaling issues on the Taito cabinets…Bubble Bobble is quite the mess.

    Thank you for the review!

  40. I have no idea what I’m talking about but perhaps the yellow dot was some type of retrofitted light that lit up when the coins cans are full. Or maybe a small, separate speaker or noise maker for when Coins are inserted or a mechanical bell like stricter plate hit with a solenoid???

  41. Slope's Game Room,

    Fantastic video! Yeah, I'm patiently waiting my preorders for both Space Invaders and Space Invaders Part II, as well as a TMNT. Now that Numskull cracked the code for the Space Invaders effect, my dream is for an Asteroids Deluxe 🙂

    Have a great one!


  42. I had a Space Invaders Deluxe in 1990-91. Shouldn’t have sold it.

  43. Waiting over 4 years for this latest installment of NUMSKULL creation. I found NUMSKULL lacking in CUSTOMER COMMUNICATION and TECHNICAL SUPPORT…. I was going to get the TMNT cabinet, but not so enthusiastic to add to my collection any more. I am still waiting for a reply back from NUMSKULL regarding my POLYBIUS cabinet not working….been several weeks. 👎👎👎👎

  44. My space invaders had a two way mirror glass, not a plan glass. Making the invaders brighter The back uv white light could be brighter and not swamped the invaders. 😮

  45. i ordered my quarter space invaders today and i'm glad it came back in stock because there were no more of the first series with signatures and i was in panic that no more would be produced. this is my second quarter arcade machine. my love for these classic games is still hot and Galaga with Space Invaders are the most important for me. But King of all old classic Video Games is
    still TI Invaders by Texas Instruments.

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