The Peter Molyneux KICKSTARTER Disaster - SGR -

The Peter Molyneux KICKSTARTER Disaster – SGR

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When it comes down to Overpromising, nobody is more well known for doing so than Larry Bundy Jr’s best mate, #PeterMolyneux. Let’s look at his massive Kickstarter lie! support the show and see the next several episodes RIGHT NOW ⬇️SOCIALS BELOW⬇️

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Ahhh good ol’ Peter Molyneux a guy that has literally made some of the greatest games ever made and on the flip side some of the most disappointing… not the worst of course! but still plenty of disappointing games! Simply because he cannot help but overpromise EVERYTHING!!!

In this video (which is sadly a little out of focus… sorry about that) Peter takes his game Godus to Kickstarter and if you think you have been disappointed in the past by one of his releases… you haven’t seen nothing yet!

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  1. Insert obligitory Larry Bundy Jr. joke here!

  2. I was thinking the other Molyneux, i was scratching my head thinking since when does he start making boardgames instead of doing podcast.

  3. The guy who mined the last block must have been so angry.

  4. The Captions are messed up. Most specifically around the Video at the center of curiosity it began showing dialogue from later in the video. Time sync is off.

  5. I am confused: Wasn´t it you who uses Molyneaux as the butt of every joke? Or was it your alter ego?

  6. Lol .. great review!

    Typical French guy talking. But seriously, Populus on Atari ST back those retro gaming days was also not THAT great as advertised back those days. So THIS kickstarter crap looks pretty much similar …
    Lot's of marketing bla bla back in the past and still now ;).

  7. I feel so bad for Brian. Does the cube game itself count as a viable contract? If so, did Brian have legal grounds to sue? The guy's got far more mercy in him than I do, because I would be LIVID. Molyneux deserves to have this hound him for the rest of his life.

  8. Peter's a legend, but above all he's a punching bag.

  9. Peter Molyneux's monologue in the middle breaks the closed captioning. Please fix this.

  10. Should make one word out of "kickstarter" and "disaster", "kicksaster".

  11. Molyneaux looks just like the Heaven's Gate cult leader.

  12. Next big game idea: Peter Molyneaux Simulator. You are a God, and you have two morality paths:
    1) choose to be evil, or
    2) choose to be good, but then be evil anyway

  13. I remember this. Never knew the project closed down. Peter is one of those "creative types" developers who needed a ball and chain. He had a greater imagination than what he produced, and other than his manipulative and compulsive attitude, this was always something that held him back and ruins his projects. I loved the main title Fables but they weren't what they could've been as RPGs.

  14. So the reward for destroying the cubes is just another of Peter's overselling speech lmao

  15. 4:13

    Peter Molyneux grieves, cries and thinks to himself:

    "How can I profit from this feeling?"

  16. 2 minutes in and you're pushing Patreon and YouTube support in our faces? I'll watch something else. Skip.

  17. Dude the creator of black and white and fable fucked up smh

  18. The need to release the black and white games digitally

  19. "Rise and fall," talk about EA and the Sims franchise. …and just a follow-up, I think Spore was Will Wright's watershed.

  20. What is the background music at 2:30 called? I recognize it so much.

  21. Damnit, this is the second time I've fallen for this, thinking it was about that alt right idiot. Oh well, might as well watch this anyways!

  22. There’s irony in a Molyneux game that uses belief as a currency, and requires you to wait for it to build, only to see nothing come out of it.

  23. I've been scrolling through the comments and I don't see Guru Larry Jr. Wtf???

  24. I bet Peter feels sorry everytime he goes to the bathroom.

  25. Just stumbled across your channel and liking what I see, keep it up.

  26. So, until watching this,, I thought you and Guru Larry were referring to him as Pizza Molyneux, not Peter Molyneux. 🤣

  27. Okay but wtf at the guy who damaged the tamagotchi? Like why would anyone care

  28. the kid's picture that won that cube game looks like it was taken right after he saw the video lol he looks mad as hell

  29. Man, I remember this game and I bought it early in it's release. I actually enjoyed the state of the game in it's earlier iterations than I do now, just seemed like it had more charm, and I think the environments were random, which if I remember, they aren't now. Then don't get me started on Godus wars…

  30. The quote at the beginning, while somewhat honourable is contextually similar to describing yourself as “high risk, high reward” on social media. It’s basically saying “I know I’m in the wrong, but you’re just going to get used to it.”

  31. Molyneux: Congratulations sir! You have just made me meet my Kickstarter goal!
    Donors: Great! What do I win?
    Molyneux: Nothing! Now get out!
    Donors: W-what?
    Molyneux: GET OUT! Get out, you’re spoiling me moment!

  32. Ok, but the coworker killing his Tamagochi WAS a dick move.

  33. Dude at least has a soothing voice in the cube video haha. I'll still take the cash.

    Peter promising a cut in the video should be considered a verbal contract.

  34. The video that Larry watches before bed every night

  35. Peter Molyneux was a second hand car salesman in the disguise of a game dev, con man and snake oil salesman.

  36. I bought Godus.
    I have this trainwreck.
    And I didn't know about refunding at the time.


  37. I wish Larry is here, to make jokes about Peter Molyneux.

  38. Mobile games, their mechanics and the cynical loop they run on, have caused an infection of the gaming industry – rotten dominos falling on a previously respectable and balanced
    pay/product relationship between gamers and those who create them.

  39. Fable could have been one of the greatest game franchises of all time for me… if Peter had just stfu. Now I only look back on the series and remember all this things that were never delivered.

  40. It’s hilarious to me that Molyneux, in the “reward” video for cube about fifteen minutes in, stutter ad fumbles at parts in his speech. Like in the video that’s supposed to be the conclusion and the whole point of this enormous game with millions of players he couldn’t even be bothered to do more than one take.

  41. Captions go crazy at the cube part, very confusing.

  42. Doesn't surprise me Brian had not much email communication with them, their PR department is non existent. They had a few Test positions going and I naively applied and heard nothing. Not even a "Thank you for applying" or "You haven't been successful"; Absolutely nothing. Tried following up to try and get an update on my application and again nothing. It's a company that tbf just shouldn't exist. As a fan of Fable I tried to defend Molyneux over the years but these days I realise he's just a clown and a crook. He might be a perfectly good guy outside of his work but i'm pretty sure he's killed his career with his daft schemes.

  43. I think I've played this?

    I guess I have. Still as not that great as I remember

  44. Wow. Microtransactions and that morass of mobile game trash even managed to ruin Peter *Molyneux*, a man that somehow manages to consistently represent not only the worst of video game development, but also the best.

    I remember when Black and White was being made, there was yet another scandal about Molyneux's constant lying about his projects. I was nervous, but I had already pre ordered it and liked the idea so much that I went through with the buy anway. When I got it, i realized that not only were all the journalists who wrote about it absolutely right*, it didnt do half of what he promised, the game was also *fucking *awesome*!

    It was maybe 10% of the game that he imagined and promised, and yet it was a fuckload of fun. I never knew they made a sequel, Ive gotta check that out. And yet, Microtransactions were finally able to take the last bit of his talent.

    …The future is going to be worse than the past, isnt it?

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