The Intellivision Amico with Slope's Game Room - The Retro Hour EP380 -

The Intellivision Amico with Slope’s Game Room – The Retro Hour EP380

The Retro Hour (Retro Gaming Podcast)
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We have a long-overdue catch up with Daniel Ibbertson AKA Slope’s Game Room, including breaking down the ill-fated Intellivision Amico. Promising to bring back the classic brand, the Amico’s repeated delays, leadership changes, and potential cancellation have left it shrouded in uncertainty. DJ Slope, renowned for his comprehensive gaming history content, brings his insight into this saga, discussing the console’s initial vision, the issues it faced, the intriguing lineup of games that were slated for release, and what the Amico’s journey means for the wider retro gaming industry.

Slope’s Game Room – The Intellivision Amico Scandal:

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▬ Contents of this show ▬

0:00​​​​​​​​​ – Intro & News
43:57 – DJ Slopes Interview

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  1. Seeing the same trolls and doxxers in the comments.I don't recommend or condone Slope's doc as while it offers a great timeline of events it completely leaves out the trouble caused by the gaming community who need to be held accountable. Slope has taken the side of the harassers and trolls because that's where the views are. Unfortunately this is reflected in the doc which totally puts the blame on the company and the enthusiasts. The doc is very out of touch with reality but the good thing about it is that it makes for a good warning about how NOT to approach a topic.

  2. Tommy Tallarico Scamainco what a rich and hilarious story this is. How to go from a respected musician in the gaming industry for a scam artist . A crook who scam the retro industry for 17 Million dollars! Who is the worlds limbo champion Tommy Talerico how low can you go?😂

  3. Oh hey it's the guy that promoted an obvious scam from a lying criminal then changed his tune (sort of) when he couldn't get away with it anymore. Sure is great for the hobby that everyone loves promoting con artists.

  4. Look at all that Blaze Entertainment and Evercade have accomplished in the same time that Amico got announced, promoted, crashed, and burned. It’s wild!
    Evercade fills the spot nicely. Good gents as well.

  5. It's pretty bad when your console is worse than an Rzone… Don't laugh.. at least it had games like Batman and Panzer Dragoon and Mortal Combat.

  6. What Saga? it was a SCAM from the start and Slopes was enjoying first row seats helping defraud people for three years. Even now he doesnt acknowledge his involvement in the fraud and waves it away as business that simply didnt work out.

    The only video you need to watch is hbomberguy "ROBLOX_OOF.mp3".

  7. The Intellivision Amico is an investment s,cam & g,arbage system dudes..

  8. Appreciate this guy's, it was great to chat as always.

    Same time next 5 years? 😛

  9. Long time viewer, that really appreciates this podcast. My own constructive criticism; spend less time pre-interview covering the content of the interview and add pictures to the story items you are covering in realtime. Just a thought. [Edit] I'm only adding this as I believe these changes will bring a larger audience.

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