The Intellivision Amico Scandal | Crowdfunding Documentary -

The Intellivision Amico Scandal | Crowdfunding Documentary

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“The Intellivision Amico”, a name that carries a lot of unwanted hatred with it; yet to the average passerby it may be hard to understand why that is. In this video I take a deep dive into the console that Tommy Tallarico failed to launch

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You asked for… and here it is. A Kickscammer video based on the craziness that is the Amico Scandal.. The Amico Scandal!

Better late than never right?

The absurd amounts of claims, promises and teases that have led us up to this point is… as stated ABSURD and in this video I cover the vast majority of them!

Is the Amico really as bad as everyone makes out or has it been misunderstood for the half a decade it’s been talked about. Can something really be a scam if some people already have one? It’s a deep rabbit hole and one that I hope you will all enjoy watching. Check out the top comment

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00:00 Introduction (are you going to do an Amico Kickscammers?)
02:24 The History of Tommy & Intellivision
19:50 The Timeline starts
30:25 The Amico’s 1st public showing
40:07 Let’s move into 2019
50:30 Intellivision gets loadsa money
55:09 Tommy vs The CU Podcast
01:05:43 The 10 Commandments
01:18:20 Bring on 2020
01:29:52 Tommy vs Nintendo
01:38:29 Tommy’s baseball bet
01:46:27 “new” games
02:06:20 FIG funding
02:14:51 Any interview will do
02:18:07 The Hater Folder
02:25:28 Amiga vs Amico
02:27:52 4,3,2,1… Delayed
02:34:24 Breakout is great!
02:40:29 2021 Let’s GO!
02:43:29 Inverted marketing
02:55:10 Every game will be an NFT
03:02:39 Who left the door open!
03:10:08 is Fundable crowdfunding?
03:15:05 The not so physical games
03:22:05 I’m sorry 🙁
03:29:11 Battle Tanks Battle (Final Name TBD)
03:37:06 STOP STOP STOPengine
03:47:54 and that’s a wrap!
03:50:16 Pure Imagination
03:52:50 Is this the end?

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  1. No offense, but why exactly were you excited for ex-Shiny members working on a family-friendly E-only console? (for those who don't know, Shiny Entertainment was studio best known for the MDK series whose name probably stands for "Murder, Death, Kill" and Messiah where you possess people including an actual pimp) Sounds like they would've been out of their element anyway.

  2. I feel like the console would've been a niche hit if they actually stuck with using smartphones as controllers. Every family that can afford a console has several of those these days so a dedicated screen controller is just a waste when you can simply have a controller app for Android and iOS and be done with it. People have already praised when Jackbox did it so why not. I bet the controllers were where most of the material cost went anyway, so they could've stuck with the original price and not have laggy, outdated controllers by launch date because they could've just set the system requirements to a suitably new smartphone OS version.

  3. HBomberguy already left me with a bad impression about Mr. Tallarico. But seeing the whole Amico scandal summarized made me realize how much of a grifter he was acting like. I wonder what would had happened if he hadn't created his cult-like following base or spent so much time fighting the haters and the not-so-haters.

  4. I’ve got to be honest the guy on the left in the cupodcast really came across as a dick

  5. This is the most impressive trainwreck in the history of trainwrecks.

  6. Wow what an awesome video by Tommy, he really is a pioneer in every area. I hope his mother is very proud of him ❤

  7. Having some insomnia and decided to give this a rewatch, lol. Tommy Tallarico's lashing out at everyone who didn't give undying love to this console reminds me of this hilarious Key & Peele skit where "Mr. T" is part of a cheesy 80's after school PSA but only lectures the kids when they say something that hits his insecurities. Man turned a blind eye to two little kids saying they wanted to do drugs and drink alcohol, but the moment someone said "Your hair looks stupid!", Mr. T (played by Peele) popped out of nowhere and told them off 😂.

    Also, for the Pat and Ian issue (I don't know these guys, I've never heard of them until this video), Tommy spent so much time screaming about how what they said was wrong, but he acted like he couldn't just write a post correcting their supposed "misinformation". Also, it's not misinformation to truly be curious as to who a console will be aimed towards and to wonder about the serious passion consumers will have to buy it. That did NOT warrant the blowback they got from Tommy! In the time it took that man to craft a childish response, he could've just made a post setting the record straight.

  8. Guy should’ve just paid people to remake the games and launch them on the Switch.

  9. The Amico is my favorite train wreck. It just gets worse and worse.

  10. I like how this documentary is longer then lord of the rings

  11. Tommy Tallarico teaming up with Elon Musk would be a match made in Hell. They seem to have comparable levels of dishonesty, fragility and pettiness.

  12. As someone who backed the Amico and never tried to pull his money out, you'd think I wouldn't like this video. However, I just did. I'm about halfway in and I think this has been extremely fair. It's a great recap of the entire fiasco. I seriously think Tommy bit off more than he could chew, and got way too personally invested in defending the project. I don't believe he started out with the intention to scam anyone, but he discovered just how much he didn't know along the way. Everyone is the hero in their own story. I don't really expect the console to ever materialize, nor be a success if it were to come out… but us OG's can dream that one day another hit of Intellivision nostalgia comes along.

  13. He was good making good music, no more no less. Making a console is beyond his capacities. I like the idea to been able to sell your digital games.

  14. Tommy's " correcting" is more like arguing.

  15. tommy: we are planning to release polybius on the amico

  16. Patreon supporter, I finally got through watching it. It was really great and super interesting, but sadly it was so long I had to cut it in many watches once i motivated myself to go through.

  17. I wouldnt trust Riggs hancock rgt or smash jt….their ives depend on views that means your for sale. Now had they went unmonitized in regret….wait tommy will throw copyright strikes…….mine

  18. Where the 17 playable games at…..let me guess on your cell phone with the broken screen

  19. This is, by far, one of the craziest stories I've ever seen for any piece of electronic hardware. Especially one that doesn't exist. No, I wouldn't say those supposed 3 "consoles" that went out to those YouTubers are legitimate systems.

    I hate to say it, but this had "too good to be true" written all over it from the very beginning. I can definitely see why you believed in it. When your perspective was what it was at the time, your actions make sense. I speak as someone who missed this entire fiasco as it was happening.

    Imagine reading the Wikipedia page on Intellivision a year from now as we continue to learn more about this chaotic grift on top of that console and company's legacy.

  20. I appreciate taking responsibility for and admitting to your mistakes. And it's a well-constructed documentary too. I think this ultimately worked out in the end.

    Well, not for Tommy and Intellivision, but still.

  21. Hey u where finally involved in a scandal u covered

  22. Who are the bigger fools. The people behind it or the people giving them the money in the first place. Also "Tank Battle" is using World of Tanks artwork. Even in a YouTube video that would been seen as illegal to WOT lawyers.

  23. I would've loved it if someone requested to Tommy to add Polybious to the Amico. 😂

  24. I'm not seeing much else in the way of mentioning this, but mad respect for owning up to the fact you fell for this scam and took a reputation hit. The "standard" thing to do nowadays it seems is to constantly deny everything and never admit to any mistake, it's nice to see a youtuber with enough of a backbone to admit their mistakes and grow as a youtuber and public figure. idk how much the bell matters really or if it's just a thing youtubers like to ask for, but this made me go from just subbed to subbed with bell; Whatever that's worth.

  25. This is great! Really refreshing to see somebody own up to their mistakes! Slopes my friend – this was an amazing watch; well done man!

  26. I feel bad for Tommy because someone who can't stop digging their own grave like this really can't be in their right mind. But at the same time he screwed up a lot of people along the way while trying to be successful no matter what.

  27. The date format- who says it should be smallest to largest? Don’t you say the hour before the minute e.g. 2:30? Do you also think that’s “wrong?”

  28. I paid the $100 reservation for nothing. I tried contacting them last year just to be avoided with my receipt in their face. I asked for my money back, but I would have loved to get that system. I was so looking forward to playing those classic games I grew up with on my original Intellivision and Int 2 system. I still have my systems, the Int 2 will not play coleco cartridges like the original

  29. For what it's worth, I lost no respect fkr you over this, in my eyes you still hold the reputation of the well researched gaming history guy, even if I do disagree with some of your opinions (like with Project Sltered Beast, I think that fame deserves better)
    We all make mistakes and misjudgements, especially over things we like, despite the red flags, so it would be plain wrong to hold it against you.

    The only one of your videos that ever seemed off for me was the Franko review XD

  30. Idk why ppl shit on his "mansion" the only thing missing id a pokemon room and willy wonka themed funroom

  31. I came here thanks to hbomberguy's video, this is really well made

  32. This is all kinda sad… There must've been some passion on this project to go this far and crash this hard! You can go insane and ruin your reputation alone, but there's too much investment and too much people with plenty experience who joined the fray. Maybe it just needed some key changes near the beginning (reduced scope and Tommy being forbidden to talk about the project in any public medium.) And this could've been a playdate-like niche system

  33. We all at some point fall for hype slope; don’t feel bad. You seemed legit excited for this project and got swept in. I don’t feel like it damages your reputation it just shows you are human

  34. I pray to whatever deity oversees such things that Tommy and Peter Molyneux never meet….would be an endless feedback loop of "amazing" ideas

  35. I was not expecting the Galgun… Tie in? Unboxing, I suppose.

  36. This is shaping to be a nice sequel to VEGA+. Let's call it VEGA++: Electric Boogaloo.

  37. In any other circumstance it would be messed up that a troll made fun of someone losing a loved one but Tommy himself has no moral compass when it comes to respecting the dead so you know what, it's fair game, fuck that unstable sleazy slimy manchildish piece of shit

  38. If I had a nickle for every multiple hour long documentary about the lies and hypocrisy of Tommy Tallarico, I'd have two nickles…. which isn't a lot, but it's weird it happened twice.

  39. The moral of the story: When someone promotes their project by playing a game of "yes and" in every interview, they are full of it.

  40. I like you Mr. Slopes but im one hour and 10 minutes in and so far i haven’t seen a single character flaw by Mr. Talarico. I confess this is the first time I’ve heard of him, but he just sounds like any other 40+ guy who’s actually very passionate about games, and is actually trying to make something. Going on small channels and speaking on forums is a bad thing? Maybe for the younger generations, but we grew up in a world without internet and never had to watch our “brands”. Why is that bad, people are flawed, he looks a bit weird, but I don’t think anyone would disagree he sounds super passionate. On the other hand, what’s the endgame for the youtuber? We know the videomaker makes money by producing content, but isn’t it a bit on the bad faith side to make money just grifting?

    Maybe the video will get to a point where it shows Mr. Talarico acting in bad faith, I’ll keep watching, I really like this channel. So far, though, saying what you want your project to be and then making changes during its development is not lying. Specially when you’re not playing with crowdfunded money. And as for who is it for, it’s a fair question, but is it a question that needs to be done in a mocking manner? People like different stuff.

    I’ll keep watching.

  41. Jack Saint Livestreams Archive @REPLA_ACE says:

    His mother is very proud.

  42. It sounds like this thing is the gaming equivalent of the Fyre festival…Didn't that guy get put away for fleecing the punters who backed that?

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