Sussy Slope Unconventional Speedrun | Crab Game -

Sussy Slope Unconventional Speedrun | Crab Game

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Just a little chill speedrun of Sussy Slope the new race map in Crab Game.

A little unconventional run here, since it’s the Christmas update!
I didn’t use the most optimal route as I wanted to make my own.
So that’s how we got this, this route is fun to try since I don’t think a lot of people would use it, expecially since there are a route so much faster!

Anyway this route is only for fun so it doesn’t matter that it’s nowhere near the current WR 😀

Good holiday to everyone!
Much love


  1. hey, can u look at mines speedrun? im a movement player, but i never speedruned anything

  2. who can get to the end with the fastest slowest time

  3. i just tested it, its a lot beter to do 1 jump at the top of the slide and then jump down, so you get more speed.
    btw it worked on 6 try.

  4. damn this is cool and probably very consistent in actual games. Wanna check my stunt/speedrun on this map 😀

  5. Sadly some guy accidentally beat this already.

  6. For some reason my crab game doesn’t let me go into practice modes

  7. I have done your exact run before watching the video
    I guess great minds think alike
    Did you figure out that strategy on your own ?

  8. anybody else thought he threw the snowball to catch up and get hit by it?

  9. nice run, but the time is probably a .97 or smth because the default timecode shows the frames and not the milliseconds.

  10. i think i did this thing before u did this I did this same this wow ur nice

  11. seems like a viable newbie friendly skip

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