Sussy Slope Speedrun -

Sussy Slope Speedrun

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I really like this map thanks Dani

Time: 9.768 seconds (I know it’s not WR sad)

Really drawn out video history so that YouTube likes video:

I’ve been watching Dani (@Dani) since the video where he made his first 3D game (Karlson). I’ve watched all of his videos up until now, including: remaking fall guys, 3D among us, all of the karlson videos, making VR game, speedrunning, Muck, and most importantly, crab game! When Crab Game was first released I didn’t think I’d play it, but after seeing people like M0ist Cr1tikal(@penguinz0), @SwaggerSouls, @Ludwig, @Michael Reeves and a few other people from @OfflineTV play the game, I decided to give it a shot. I now have 53 hours on the game, although I have this much playtime I am still only average at movement because I don’t care all too much about getting better. I just keep on playing this Squid Game inspired game because I enjoy the funny moments that come out of it like in this video. The game modes I hate are: Red light green light, Tile Drive, Buttons. Games that I find mediocre are: king of the hill, Lights out, Death from above, Block Drop, and Stepping stones. Game modes I like are: Tag, Bomb tag, hide and seek, Hat King, Standoff, Floor is Lava, and race. If you read this whole description, WHY? also comment ‘I did it’.


  1. why the screen streched? good btw

  2. Just wondering how long it took you to get this speedrun?

  3. I have a faster one u glitch happend to me and i got instantly to the win LOL 3 seconds it was

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