Sussy Slope Speedrun Tutorial - Crab Game -

Sussy Slope Speedrun Tutorial – Crab Game

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How to go fast in sussy slope 🙂

MC Mental – At His Best

0:00 Introduction
0:11 Full Run
0:27 Step by Step


  1. Let me know if I should do a tutorial on any of the other Crab Game race maps 🙂

  2. Thanks, needed to mod it to be more easier

  3. The second he was flying to the finish line, I was losing it. That's so crazzyyyy!!

  4. Are u pressing W the whole time while sliding ?

  5. iChirpy sometimes when i do it i dont hit the blue part of the ramp causing me to go low

  6. it works! It's very good, I tried it on a real server but the problem is, I died flying out to qualify

  7. I can't do it, I can reach the level of it but can't get near

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