Slope's Game Room studio tour + Quarter Arcade Bubble Bobble review -

Slope’s Game Room studio tour + Quarter Arcade Bubble Bobble review

Extra Slope
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Decided to do a little video showing off the work in progress STUDIO as well as my #QuarterArcade collection…. most notably the #Bubble Bobble machine 🙂
A very strange and sadly very REAL arcade game exists! this is that arcade game! sorry in advance for what you are about to watch ⬇️SOCIALS BELOW⬇️

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Thank you to the awesome Numskull for sending me this unit 😀 ​
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  1. Great review! Does the arcade cheats work on these machines? For instance:At the main title screen enter: Left, Jump, Left, Start, Left, Fire, Left, Up, Start. If this is done correctly there will be a message in the bottom left corner of the title screen a red "POWER UP!".

  2. I mean they look nice but…would never have the money and space for all of them. 🤔

  3. When I have my own house, I hope to have my own games room too 🙂 thanks for the sneak peek!

  4. Love your boy likes our childhood games

  5. Hope my boy turns out to be a gamer too, he's already into music just like me 🙂 Immense little video DJ Slope, thank you.

  6. I'll take the Galaga and Galaxian arcades off your hands 😀

  7. love the behind the scenes look! also shout-out for training the next generation of classic gamers cool to see those kids take to the classics!

  8. Ayyy hell yeah Bubble Bobble haha. Friend had a C64 with a shitload of games when I was a kid and we'd play Bubble Bobble a few times a week for about half a decade. One of me fave's there, and smiled at the amount the theme tune played in this vid haha. Love that lil melody, pretty much bleeds nostalgia.
    If I'm ever in the UK within the next…freakin' decade or so haha, I'd be more than honoured to spin some tracks in that there game room if given the chance. And, as much as I hate to say it…utterly destroy your Bubble Bobble score haha.

  9. Thanks for the tour. The uneven pixel scaling on that Bubble Bobble screen is pretty horrible though.

  10. Love the tour! Always was curious what the Slopes Room looked like.

  11. Nice tour! Amazing what a difference things like sound deadening curtains make. I bloody love Bubble Bobble too, one of my top games of all time!

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