Slope's Game Room Q&A @ London Gaming Market July 2022 -

Slope’s Game Room Q&A @ London Gaming Market July 2022

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Patreon & YouTube Member Q&A’s are back… In Blog Form! This time I have taken to the London Video Game Market to meet up with lots of other Tubers, plenty of fans of the show and I do it all whilst answering your questions!

If you wanna get in on the next Q&A that will be filmed in FLORIDA! please consider becoming a Patreon & YouTube Member…
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  1. Wish you did one on Macross/robotech with all the games but would love to hear your thoughts about the music which is what it's famous for

  2. Stuntman uses the same engine as Driv3r you fool! You did a video with me about it!!! 😛

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