Slope's Game Room needs your help -

Slope’s Game Room needs your help

Slope’s Game Room
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Feel free to check out my Patreon page here…

Thanks for all the support over the last 2 years what ever you decide, I hope you stick around for plenty more Slopes Game Room.


  1. so much newspapers calls "premium" what is just donations… so much youtubers calls donation what will give access to huge number high values rewards. people feels goods cause they think they "donate" and feel even more good cause they will get 1 million things in return… dont be idiot people, if there were not all that cool stuff in exchange, you won't donate a shit to anyone.

  2. One of the best Patreon offers I have seen. For a quid a month there's a shed load of content! Sadly, I can't guarantee even having a quid at the end of the month these days. Had to sell some bits and bobs to get my son to college and back this month. Shall things pick up, or my rainbow thong and tutu finally arrive from china so I can stand on street corners again, I'll be sure to drop a few (probably suspect) pound notes your way. Cheers Slope.

  3. Sure hope people jump on this! You do deserve a LOT more subscribers too.

  4. For anyone who's saying that Patreon is the equivalent of begging for money, I don't think that's the case. Personally, I see Patreon as like a tip jar. With it, supporters can support their content creators more should they chose to and the creators can use that money in such a way that it will benefit both the creator and the creator's audience, like a higher-quality camera/microphone, exclusive content, as well paying the people who help make these videos possible like Slope mentioned above. The more Slope gets, the more he can potentially be able to pay more editors to edit, meaning that more videos can be possibly put out more frequently for people to enjoy.

  5. Well…don't turning into a e-beggar like Lord Karnage it's already a good thing.

  6. I have become a patreon. I really enjoy the content you are producing, but if you upload another video like this where the only content is asking for $ I am going to cancel it.

  7. shit, i wanna go to london to meet demi rose.

  8. Slope gets it perfectly, unlike CGR. Good job buddy.

    Let's most prominently focus on the fact that he addressed that people can't, for whatever reason, or don't want to donate to a Patreon. Ding ding ding we have someone who understands the entire point of the CGR Hate. People should not be forced into something, and have every right to object if they don't like being forced into a choice.

    That being said, once again, good job Slope. I hope you get a ton of supporters!

  9. Aye my buddy Slope, I just this week scored a brand new job (transcribing text files in to audio files for the vision impaired) and am glad to say I will absolutely be supporting you as soon as my paychecks come in. Its been a rough time getting by unemployed but your videos have brought me a ton of joy in that time, which in turn helped me stay confident I could right the ship. Heres to your continued success, and thanks for all the work you do in putting these great videos together for viewers like me.

  10. Oh man i wish I could help out. You're an awesome youtuber.
    Unfortunately, I'm broke lol.
    Maybe someday if I make it big lol.

  11. your videos are awesome. I'm sure that you will have some supporters.

  12. Wow That's really awesome I need to go set up a patreon right now!

  13. I'm happy to be part of your patreon family. it feels good to support individual creators.

  14. patreon done right for me here DJSLOPE. Well done man you put so much effort and love into your videos and it shows. loads of behind the scenes footage as well is a bonus

  15. your skills are exceptional in video editing, motion and everything in general, yours is probably one of the few I'm considering in throw a buck or two for your great content and have passed on to many people to subscribe to this great channel. thanks for All! your hard work, it's fantastic. your one of the few channel that should be on commercial television.

  16. I never do these, but I'm gonnna make an exception just for you! You can count me in for sure!

  17. I really enjoy your videos so I'll sign up for as long as I can spare the funds 🙂

  18. Dude, if I gave one dollar… cough cough pound… to every channel I enjoyed I would be broke by the end of the month ha ha. You are a great channel though and I will continue to view and support as always 😉

  19. Godspeed, mate. Hope this works out for you.

  20. 2:26 From listening to his voice, I imagined Daniel was a black man. Got that wrong!

  21. For people who say its begging need to get a grip. As mentioned in the video its completely voluntary. Also you will get alot of extras for ur contribution. Personally I think its work every penny and I for one dont normally sign up to this sort of thing but this channel is worth it. The owner puts in a hell of alot of time and effort in and we all should be grateful for You-tubers like this who make are dull lives less dull with videos about something I love and we all come here to watch. Retro Gaming. Love your channel. please keep up the excellent work. it is very much appreciated.

  22. "…Anything else that I have made…"
    >Shows a kid.

  23. As a long term Patreon supporter of slopes game room, I can safely say it's always been worth the money. Dan puts SO much effort into his videos. It's a bit like a "tip jar". Hope this helps you get more mate 🙂

  24. "FYI, on average, this video took me over…"

    I thought we were about to get a measurement in terms of trips to the loo there.

  25. Wait, you have a tv show? That's cool, but where can I watch it?

  26. Contributed a small amount. Had to create a patreon to do so :)…
    some really cool rewards in the higher tiers! Maybe one day

    Keep it up fella, the videos are executed perfectly. You really should have more subs in my humble opinion.

    All the best matey

  27. If I may ask.. i love your videos.. what do you use to edit? and what do you use to create the animated graphics?

  28. I really want to help you out what can I do

  29. I have an Xbox One and I mostly play Modern games but I have a very passionate heart towards Retro Gaming my first video game was Super Mario Brothers. I grew up with the NES and I was one of those Nintendo fanboys arguing Mario vs. Sonic LOL. your videos make me see that the Genesis actually had some really great games that I never really gave a chance. I never got a Sega system until the Dreamcast and I freaking loved the Dreamcast.

  30. this is a really great channel and for the life of me cant understand why it doesnt have 1 million plus subs. There is a wealth of interesting and useful information in every video.

  31. It's definitely a case here of what work you put in is what you get out, good thing you're on the toilet then while researching. Ha, ha!

    A like from me and I do comment a lot on your videos so that's one person you can rely on to do that Dan.

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