Sloped Blocks Basics - Empyrion Tutorial - How to Build Slopes - MaM Gaming Guide -

Sloped Blocks Basics – Empyrion Tutorial – How to Build Slopes – MaM Gaming Guide

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A basic tutorial about building with sloped blocks. Have fun & check out my others videos & workshop:


  1. Thanks, but is there a way to copy an existing block?

  2. Good stuff Ashrai 🙂

    BTW, This is Angvir from the Empyrion forums.

  3. Super informative video. Any chance of rounded piece types in the next video tut?

  4. this is rly good, could you do a play through from the begging

  5. good thanks but how do you open shape selector menu

  6. Most helpful vid I've seen in a long time. Thank you!

  7. nice that you show and tell us all the blocks, but……HOW THE FUCK DO WE GET THESE IN SINGLEPLAYER ETC????

  8. the slopes are easier to figure out when adding a different colour to each block

  9. Good job , you've helped me a lot. Just a tiny constructive comment. If the platform you were building on would have been a different texture it would have help to see better

  10. Praise you!! bows down Now it all makes sense. Thank you so much, mate!!

  11. Thanks but I'm looking to build a ramp structure without the solid filling, such as a sloped-roof. How do I do that?

  12. 5:00
    Empyrion 8.7.x already, this block is yet to be added along with other important blocks =_=

  13. Thanks so much for this playlist! I just started playing Emyprion last week and, wow, what a learning curve – and I even came over from Ark (I hate dinos but loved building my own bases). Your videos are straightforward and incredibly helpful!

  14. Bitte mer davon
    Please mer of it
    A strong little spaceship would be cool

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