SLOPE YOUTUBE WORLD RECORD!! ~ HIGHSCORE 230 ~ Slope Game ~ The History Of 200. ~ 100% LEGIT! :D -

SLOPE YOUTUBE WORLD RECORD!! ~ HIGHSCORE 230 ~ Slope Game ~ The History Of 200. ~ 100% LEGIT! :D

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dude. Just speechless, I spent so much work into this that it’s honestly crazy to believe this score being real.

…I aimed this score to snipe Max for top 1 on Slope. Alright? Maybe getting 200, and that’s that. To go above and beyond pushing near 50 points is insane… Then I realized this is a YouTube world record, literally. I had NO IDEA. The closest play to mine was by user “Owen”
218 Points.

Now, I don’t wanna brag or anything… But the fact this is a YouTube World Record is a HUGE DEAL. This is byfar one of the most popular flash games ever made (Based on Y8 plays and ADS) millions of players have played this, and the fact that I got a world record by accident, is mind blowning tbh. I thought 400+ score was the highest after seeing the leaderboards OMEGALUL. It was just that no one had even posted themselfs getting that far!! (were all the 400+ scores speedhacked ?) Idk, maybe I’m being dumb 😛 but to get even more faster from here is kinda hard to believe. The reason why scores get increasingly difficult is due to broken this game is. Once you get around the, 150~ range, the game gets incredibly tough and a lot of it is based on RNG, slow downs, no bugs and good area. It takes a while for a great run like this.

And to everyone (well, apart of my school)
Thanks to everyone apart of Slope GANG, Slope GANG is a document within my grade and the amount of support it has gotten over the months is quite, overwhelming. 😛 We have shared the document to over 100 students, and over 80 published scores, Thank you. This is something I will never forget. ❤

Last thing I wanna mention, I used Geforce Experience to record this footage. Due to the lack of PC space I have, I used Instant Replay when recording all of this (safe space) that’s why the footage is cut forward. If you don’t believe me how I got 230 saying stuff like (Cheat engine has a digit modifier!! Which, idk if you can even hack this game lol) here is my completed slope gang playlist for proof.

Often more, side gaming videos will be posted here. 😀

Discord Server! (Crashy Area):
Instagram: (@officialcoolstuff)
Twitch: (@coolstuffgaming)
Twitter: (@coolstuffpeanut)
Personal Discord: CoolStuffGAMING#0388 (No Spam or Block)

Keyboard: Corsair K95
Mouse: Logitech G502/G203
Mic: Blue Snowball


  1. I love this video, just a bunch of friends having fun pushing each other limits :)230 is insane though

  2. I loved this video, I'll share it across the Slope discord

  3. Yo that’s just for that day or two not all time

  4. aye congratulations it’s a celebration party all day I know you been waiting

  5. Bro your are one of the best slope players i've ever seen who isn't click-baiting. great job

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