Slope World Record - 399 -

Slope World Record – 399

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I just couldn’t get to 400, could I…

music adopted from a video from @hoodedkupo8537 containing a run to 299:

music: Dgivash vs. Sonic Elysium – Moola Mantra ᴴᴰ ()

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  1. ive played for like 20 minutes and i got 304? i bet i could beat this

  2. Been playing this game since 2017 when I was in school we all used to beat each others high scores by the time we had to leave school to go college I has the most with 213 but I’ve also played this game before all the bugs like bounces go through walks etc

  3. ive been playing for about an hour and got 153 and choked… this might be interesting to try and beat

  4. fucking legend dude. I got 390 once without recording, get ready for me to get the wr 🙂

  5. sick run! I like how you used the same music I used in my 299 run.
    Now we'll see if your next pb is 401 as well.

  6. nice job, for sure getting 417 anytime soon

  7. No way bro that's insane! You'll probably end up top 1 on the leaderboard.

  8. Out of any game to speedrun he chose this, We got to give him an applause👏

  9. but how far can you get on the slope hard mode version

  10. i wish i got 399 score cuz then i will have beaten that kid in my social studies class who got like 90 score

  11. bad run not 400 (this is some absolutely gorgeous and splendiferous mastery of slope)

  12. my score is 69. it wasn’t intentional just so you know

  13. Im the best at slope in my school with a score of 193

  14. If we recalculate, since slope sometimes doesn't count levels at fast speeds, then it turns out, that this lasted 407 levels. I'm not sure, if slope would go until it calculates to 417 or if it goes until the real lvl 417.

  15. This is absolutely amazing. I’m going to attempt to grind for 400+ on this game as well, if I succeed it will definitely be at least a 30+ hour grind mainly because of the sheer amount of hilariously bullshit ways you can die in this game. My current PB is 149 and I’ve played for I’d say around 5 hours total or so, excited to see how far I can get.

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