Slope world record - 391 -

Slope world record – 391

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strangely enough, the background pillars started to not generate anymore .this happens occasionally in Y8, but I’ve never seen it happen in the 60FPS versions of Slope until now.

this is also one of the few Slope runs that’s 5 minutes long.

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  1. ❗❗❗NEW WORLD RECORD❗❗❗: Why don't you explode when hitting the block at 4:28?A: that's a glitch that can happen when you go fast enough and the right vert doesn't start moving yet. here's a video that explains the strategy well: also got the glitch in these videos at these certain times: at 0:23 at 3:30 (partially), 3:55, and 4:36 at 0:56 at 2:40 (though a bit different cause of the older version) at 3:05 at 3:25 at 0:17it also occurred with other players in these videos: at 0:08 at 3:15 (more or less when the glitch was discovered)

  2. At my school, they call me the greatest slope player in Ohio.

  3. You know how you phased through some stuff at 3:44? I had that happen at 200 but through the ground and couldn't for the life of me up it

  4. You are hacking! You touched the right vert block without dying! Cheater

  5. whats the worst part of slope

    1: the Three things with the Middle thing
    2: the speed area
    3: the tunnel thing
    4: the curving lines
    5: the regular lines
    6: the Slanted are
    7: blocks moving up and down
    8: blocks moving side to side

  6. 𝕯𝖔𝖈𝖍𝖚𝖉𝖘𝖔𝖓𝟛𝟚 says:

    4:29 excuse me!? Why didn’t you die?

  7. I have a question. Why do you aim for the sides at the beginning?

  8. Um is that an aim bot in the corner…don’t blame me if your wrong just what is that thing?

  9. 4:27 how did u not die?
    other than the fact that ur too good, you glitched through the walls of tunnels

  10. i don’t blame you for that ending, those 3 blocks piss me off when it gets fast lmao

  11. That level he died on sucks so much. Why is that the hardest level and the one that shows up the most 🤨

  12. This is game was so popular at my school that everyone knew about it, the school blocked it on some students chromebooks and then it completely died. It took about only a couple weeks for it to get popular and then to make it dead

  13. Basketball players: i have pretty fast reflexes
    Slope players: you dare challenge me?

  14. Things I find kinda weird for some reason (idk why)
    1. 1:56 teleports to ground (maybe reached height limit)
    2. 2:32 look like clip (prob very fast velocity)
    3. 3:30 look like slope clip (once again prob very fast velocity)
    4. 3:43 once again look like clip (ball doesn’t jump tho) 2 secs later almost hits green block (I guess)
    5. 4:05 double jump (pog or luck?)
    6. 4:09 listed on multiple rows
    7. 4:12 ground clip (now getting sus still I totally believe it’s real and it’s caused by speed once again)
    8. 4:29 hits block (explained already)
    9. 4:48 weird jump (speed is the main glitch I guess) 1 sec later similar but weirder glitch 7 seconds after similar glitch the same thing happened (weird jump)
    But this is not proving I don’t believe I just like to observe.

  15. 301 more points to go (never gonna reach this lol)

  16. bounce on the frame before u died so close to 400 so legendary

  17. uh uh he hacks! he hit the red thing around 300 and his ball did'nt xplode

  18. i have 323 💀 ima try to break this record

  19. darn it now i have a bigger score to beat😉😉😉😉

  20. Bro this is massive, good job Kyle wtf I have no doubt u will be getting 417 soon

  21. Me thinking I’m good at slope when my high score is 93… then I find this on YouTube

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