Slope world record - 391 -

Slope world record – 391

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strangely enough, the background pillars started to not generate anymore .this happens occasionally in Y8, but I’ve never seen it happen in the 60FPS versions of Slope until now.

this is also one of the few Slope runs that’s 5 minutes long.

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slope world record


  1. bounce on the frame before u died so close to 400 so legendary

  2. uh uh he hacks! he hit the red thing around 300 and his ball did'nt xplode

  3. i have 323 💀 ima try to break this record

  4. darn it now i have a bigger score to beat😉😉😉😉

  5. Bro this is massive, good job Kyle wtf I have no doubt u will be getting 417 soon

  6. Me thinking I’m good at slope when my high score is 93… then I find this on YouTube

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