Slope score 152 -

Slope score 152

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  1. I swear the ball jumps every now and then… how?

  2. Good job, u can improve video quality though

  3. i beliveve you becuase i got 142 liget its on the leaderborad Blashbrook

  4. When you were recording did it lag when you were playing

  5. Dammit i can't watch till i'm 150!

  6. this is not the highest score on youtube, the highest is 218

  7. Woah, great job! My highscore is 64 in my last video of the game.

  8. My high score is 81

    I was literally sweating after

    EDIT: 100

  9. this ain’t pro dude everybody in my school gets that my high score is 873

  10. My high score is 120. hehe, I like riddle school game

  11. hardest about this game is to survive all bugs

  12. Hey i exposed someone in snapchat and he remove my friend from everything so funny hes so dumb he lies all the time

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