Slope io INFINITE Points Glitch -

Slope io INFINITE Points Glitch

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What am I doing with my life?

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  1. If you do it over and over again the map gets glitchier and glitchier until your ball gets insanely slow and a bunch of weird things happen

  2. If if fall in the void during the glitch and wait like 30 minutes, your ball will start bugging out. The longer you leave the game running, the more glitched your ball looks

  3. If you get the glitch and fall into the void, if you keep the tab open for a few hours and comeback the ball will be glitchy

  4. how this works is basically a set function to wait a certain amount of time before despawning the map was bypassed before it was started, and you reset the ball in the world, but it created another map without the other one despawning, causing the glitch map to occur.

  5. this cannot get you more than 60 points because the path will become unplayable when there are too many obstacles.

  6. I figured this out in 2018 no need to thank me im the smartest player of all time

  7. this was actually a pretty good video, congrats on. internet i guess

  8. this glitch is not as useful as you make it out to be

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