Slope !!! High score in world 1000+ !!! Not Clickbeit ! -

Slope !!! High score in world 1000+ !!! Not Clickbeit !

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Slope !!! High score in world 1000+ !!! Not Clickbeit !
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Game : Slope 3d !


  1. You cannot spell clickbait. You cannot edit and align correctly. I'm not fooled… Got yourself another dislike!

  2. Mhm not only did you try to fake it your also GARBAGE at the game

  3. The fact that it took u 5 minutes to even get to 10

  4. imagine adding zeros that arent even from the game btw your grafics suck

  5. you guys did not watch to the end he says yes it's a joke

  6. yes im mad i got clickbaited but at the end of the video he said he was joking

  7. bro you cant even spall clickbait so its prolly clickbait also dont be saying that shit so u get views bud lol

  8. I mean the title was correct, it's clickbait, not clickbeit!

  9. haha nice fake if you aren't blind you see it's fake that's more than clickbait

  10. Yeah this is so fake and the Numbers are messed up

  11. Damn bro
    cant beleiev u got from 6000 to 6
    u on another level

  12. the fact that he:
    1. cannot spell "CLICKBAIT" right
    2. made the zeros, not realistic lmfao
    and 3. running a really shitty version of those lmaoo

  13. He didn't even spell clickbait right

  14. Yeah no "clickbeit" but there is clickbait.

  15. i didnt even pay for it and i want a refund.

  16. i actually did not find this funny at all, i just wanted to see the world record

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