Slope Hard Mode -

Slope Hard Mode

Hooded Kupo
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My all time highscore is only 21.

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  1. if actual slope game was this easy I would have a Guinness record hanging in my room

  2. I found out about this roughly 30 minutes ago. High Score 13.
    20 minutes later: The High Score is now 27. This game is too easy.

  3. my great grandpa avoiding enemy traps in ww2 be like

  4. why does the ball sound like it keeps landing at ludicrous speed a billion times per second?

  5. 0:15 this is what geometry dash silent levels be like

  6. Bro why are there so many gd players in here 💀

  7. This is not slope. It's a plane (a horizontal path).

    Got it?

  8. I really want to play this but I use mobile

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