Slope Glitch (tutorial in description) -

Slope Glitch (tutorial in description)

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I dunno if this game is relevant anymore lmao but whatever, also I might not upload often because my WiFI sucks.

There’s like a 50/50 chance it’ll work, that’s why it took so long.

1. Start a normal game of Slope, and hit a red block (less likely to work if you fall off or hit a red wall in a tunnel)

2. Spam the “enter” key really fast as soon as you die, so a new game will start instantly (or you could just spam your mouse over the “again” button).

3. Enjoy your glitched and impossible world.

What I see often is:

-The ball doesn’t load and you instantly die
-The starting ground doesn’t load and you fall infinitely, due to the glitched world
-Tunnels will be glitched into each other
-There will be random slopes to the left or right of the stage

I think this happens because the game doesn’t have time to delete the old world, so it generates the new world inside of the old one.


  1. Does that mean that at a certain point there can be like 20 different levels in 1?

  2. um, i think i found a new glitch…my ball is falling for eternity

  3. hey also I found that if its not working, try it on Y8 games, as shown in the video. Ie found this to work much better than other websites.

  4. If this gets to a million views I will delete my channel

  5. i remember freshman yr of hs me and my friends would do this all the time and act like we discovered gold

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