Slope Game - High Score Over 200! -

Slope Game – High Score Over 200!

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Slope Y8 Game! High score on youtube. Finally got past 200 without random lag or glitching off the edge!

Let me know if there is any other Y8 games I should try and get a high score on!?

Game –

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  1. Are you supposed to bounce at certain positions? Cause mine randomly bounces alot and half the time gets me kill, I find that annoying but sometimes it saves soooo……

  2. I would beat my highscore of 64 if i stoped glitching through the floor

  3. bro am i the only one who is still struggling to get to 50?

  4. 3:50 nub nub nub Chat disabled for 5 seconds Chat disabled for 4 seconds Chat disabled for 3 seconds Chat disabled for 2 seconds Chat disabled for 1 seconds Nub Nub Nub

  5. This game is very good, but when I open Slope it closes, can you explain to me about it?

  6. who else used to play this game when they were bored in middle school

  7. did you ever get till 417 yet? I am very curious to know what happens at 417🤔

  8. Whor else plays this in school 😏

  9. This is what I play on school computers all the time

  10. It’s impossible for me to get a highscore that high, because my school computer makes me fall through the ground

  11. Put it in 0.75x its like fresh from fnf from the beat boxing part

  12. Wow blown mind that is so cool

  13. i looked up slope for math and found this lol i love getting distracted

  14. hi I have a boy named Owen but his name is Owen porker I think and I-I-I LIKE HIM

  15. Put at 2.0 speed it kinda sounds like a marching band.

  16. I love the background music what is the type of the music?

  17. Everytime I go fast it always make me go through the ramp

  18. Music is the best part

  19. Me running to my grandma's house after my mom turned of the wifi be like:

  20. Here we can't even make Like 50 and this niggaa brug

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