Slope Game - High Score Over 130! Hard Run! -

Slope Game – High Score Over 130! Hard Run!

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Slope Y8 Game! Highest score on youtube. Difficult run, probably should have gone further :/

Game –

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  1. Me and my friend have been playing for 3 years and we got 215

  2. I love everything about slope unblocked slopex!

  3. Yo dude man called melik c gaming he stole your vid and used it saying it's his bye my friend

  4. Great! You are a master. I subdue you, I don't have the patience to play them. It's too hard, I can only play riddleschoolgame

  5. I made this game'so try to win maybe i will make skins for the balls

  6. I swear there are to many ads tells me watch an ad to revive and if i dont i still get an ad

  7. He would have died if it wasn’t for the bounce before he died.

  8. Like si los cubos rojos se parecen a los bloques de reston piedra rojisa de minecraft

  9. Echt echt echt super super super super knap echt super knap 😃🤭👍

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