Slope Game - High Score 230! -

Slope Game – High Score 230!

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Slope Y8 Game! The most frustrating game you will ever played! Wish they would sort the glitching and random lag!

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  1. Im surprised you didn't get any game ending glitches

  2. cool. I remember getting to almost 200 years ago but now it feels so difficult lol

  3. my highest is 216 but i didnt get it on record unfortunately ive been playing this game for 2 years and this game used to be so much easier to play without all the glicthes

  4. Do You Use
    A & D = Like
    Q & D = Dislike
    Left and Right Arrow Keys ⬅️ ➡️ = Reply

  5. Did this stop posting or his post schedule just messed up

  6. my record 62 👍
    like if you record is the same

  7. this video is fake there are no swerving ramps

  8. this should've been 233 because at 220, when it reached 221 it missed the 222

  9. put the video on 2 times speed and look at how fast it goes

  10. I did a record of at least 100 or more as my highscore

  11. the music sounds like a clock if u put it on 2x speed

  12. If anyone wants to watch more slope gaming then go to katana special

  13. Howwwwww??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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