Slope Game, but Every Time I Fall, I Eat a Whole Candy Cane -

Slope Game, but Every Time I Fall, I Eat a Whole Candy Cane

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This was definitely rough on me, which is why I get so interpersonal about the problems with the channel in this video. I’ll look back on this Slope gameplay for motivation because I can beat my goals and personal records for things. With a new audience to the channel every day, I hope to keep you all here for good, entertaining you constantly!

At 1000 subscribers, I will eat chalk:

Play Slope Game here:

I hope you are all enjoying the Christmas-themed videos, I’m having fun fitting things into this set format, it allows me to flow with a multitude of ideas. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas! All of you deserve candy canes!


  1. I remember beating my Grade 8 class's high score on this once. That was 8 years ago. Thank you for reminding me this game exists.

    I also respect the grind. My friends and I struggled to make weekly content. Now monthly isn't even realistic.


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