Slope Full Gameplay Walkthrough All Levels -

Slope Full Gameplay Walkthrough All Levels

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  1. Game is absolute TRASH ! You can't even put the sound OFF most of the time, the option doesn't show up. Then your score doesn't even register, it says my personal bets is Zero… when I just did a 61… Also, when looking at the leaderboard and pressing next page, the leaderboard just CLOSES and you can';t access it again until the next game played… Sometimes the runs are based on pure LUCK, you can't even dodge a moving block, it's an automatic death, completely unavoidable, based on Randomization other than actual feasibility which really sucks ! Thought it looked cool but it's just bugged garbage !

  2. Did this game used to play Darude Sandstorm?

  3. My guy, did you play this on a pregnancy test because what on god’s green earth are those graphics

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