Slope Crashers - Official Demo Release Trailer | Summer of Gaming 2022 -

Slope Crashers – Official Demo Release Trailer | Summer of Gaming 2022

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This winter sports racer pits fauna against friend as a variety of animals ski, snowboard, and sled their way to victory.

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  1. Looks fun, I'm just patiently waiting for a SSX remake 🙏🏾

  2. Is this like Diddy Kong Racing meets Sonic Riders

  3. Finally a kart game that moves fast. Super Mario kart and sonic kart was too slow.

  4. Make something like SSX. Ruined it with dumbfuck animals.

    Just why

  5. This and Slitterhead both sound like racial slurs

  6. Slight "Snowboard Kids" feel. Nintendo 64 was a vibe man.

  7. idk man ive been traumtised by how bad skatebird was with mixing extreme sports with birds so im 1000% skeptical about this one.

  8. sigh im sad but at this point ill take anything similar to SSX

  9. Reminds me of Snowboard kids but with animals. I'm down

  10. Feels like ssx and sonic free riders mixed together

  11. Just make remake ssx 3 or just make another ssx game

  12. I'm gonna buy this for my brother he loves racing games

  13. INSTANT Snowboard kids vibe, might have to buy this.

  14. This reminds me of SSX and Snowboard Kids 1&2 from N64.

  15. duuuude snowboards kids meets dk racing and ssx??? count me tf in

  16. Just animals doing what animals do. Which is snowboarding of course lol

  17. You see ATLUS!? If you won't give us SBK3 then someone else will!

  18. Tell us you miss SSX without telling us you miss SSX

  19. This is the Closest thing i’ll get to Snowboard kids 3🏂

  20. A few of the tracks remind me of Mario Kart on the Wii. This game looks really fun!

  21. Wish amped would come back or some other studio make a proper snowboarding game

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