Slope - 348 (Former Official World Record) -

Slope – 348 (Former Official World Record)

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I couldn’t find a single song that fits here, so I used a mixture of 3 songs

1: Waterflame – Glorious Morning ()
3: F-777 – Hydra ()

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New world record:

world record
slope world record


  1. 3:41 cosmic cyclone moment (gd reference)Also nice run

  2. Yeah this was only made a couple of hours this will blow up but lemme say damn nice job guess you have wr, I mean like i saw leaderbaords with 480 but idk what that is but this is the fastest time on yt good job you evitenly shown that you are the best at this game

  3. how do you get the game to not have any glitches? falling through things, side jumps etc

  4. Hey do you think the ball eccalerate over time becuase the ball in the end is like over two time more faster than the ball in the beginning

  5. I’m sad now because I was two away from your record

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