Slalom: Down the Slopes - PART 1 - Game Grumps VS -

Slalom: Down the Slopes – PART 1 – Game Grumps VS

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  1. 1:04 "Damn dude, you just did a fuckin' wheelie!"
    Arin. You're skiing.

  2. (__(__) (__)__) <—dat ass, dat ass, dat ass.

  3. So umm..anyone can tell me where I can find the death metal song version of dat ass????

  4. This was possible on NES? Damn that is impressive. Leave it to Rare. Those ass graphics.

  5. I looked up the song for "Dat Ass" and yeah someone made it as per Game Grumps request lol crazy awesome~ xD

  6. Has someone yet made that hard rock cover? ^^ (laughed my ass off)

  7. Kim Kardashian goes skiing. Only for Nintendo.

  8. I'm only here because I don't know…"SLALOM".

  9. God I miss those old 80s and 90s Atari box descriptors. Most epic descriptions of epic stuff — 9 pixels 👍👌

  10. idc if this video is old, I needed to comment about DAT ASS. SKI DUDE THICC AF.

  11. You guys should do a heavy metal single of Slolom for Starbomb

  12. Mt nasty is what I call my bedroom.~Because I don’t clean that shit

  13. when i was a kid, i remember dat ass would make my cousin and i laugh uncontrollably. still works 😂🍑

  14. I wanna Slalom that ass! right on Mount Nasty!

  15. Just realized where dan got the name for mt nasty in the mystic crystal

  16. Apparently, Rare made this game. Pushing the capabilities of systems since 1986.

  17. Huge-ass ass might be the best description ever.

  18. This really is a great looking game for its time

    Not gonna lie, that took me by surprise. And is totally accurate.

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