SEGA's WEIRD Indian History | Video Game Documentary -

SEGA’s WEIRD Indian History | Video Game Documentary

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The rabbit hole goes quite deep with this one as we take a look at SEGA’s PAL / ASIA Mega Drive / Genesis releases |💕 SIGN UP TO PATREON FOR EARLY ACCESS TO VIDS: 💕 ⬇️SOCIALS BELOW⬇️

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Talk about weird…. which is exactly why I love it!

In this episode, I deeply dive into the world of SEGA’s PAL / ASIA releases… you no doubt heard about TEC TOY! SEGA’s obscure Brazilian region of video games… well, in this video we look at what sega class as the Asian region! Essentially everything east of Europe and west of Japan / South Korea

A huge market with competition far harsher than anything Nintendo has ever thrown at them

First a big ol’ thanks goes to Quang for filming some footage of his super obscure Brazilian PINK Master System console… go support him here

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  1. I had a nes system back when I was a kid that was named Batman 😂😂😂

  2. Thank GOD! A video without that fucken stupid "gonna take you for a ride" song it's so bloody lame!! Use a less annoying game tune

  3. Im from India and im not even aware of this, back in the day we normally got cartridges which were in the shape of the US versions and some in the Japanese regions…in India the NES was in two forms Samurai and Media , whereas sega was just Sega nothing changed??

  4. Far out the Mega Drive was beautiful, wasn't it?
    Look at those boxes all neatly lined up.

  5. 8:40 Oh yeah, the proud samurai race of Antartica would be offended if samurais were associated with only Japan. WTF.

  6. I think you grandly overestimate the amount of people who even understand how to use emulators – or have an interest in doing so.

    In my opinion, it's almost starting to seem more of a generational thing where even the newer Video Gamers coming up aren't really that interested unless they are very devoted, historians. Otherwise, if it's not some kind of HD remake or in a collection, they don't seem interested. It's not what the cool kids are playing, Fortblox or whatever. The backup excuse of "I am not going to play it unless it is on official Hardware" is still an easy fall back for them*

  7. As always the only way to really beat piracy is to make your product attractive enough. TecToy is the poster child for absolutely bloody nailing this. Ever more interesting SMS variants with plenty of built in games at prices normal people in Brazil could actually afford. It's not so bad there in that respect now but then you get the point the machine is an institution so much it doesn't even matter. Especially as the internals now really do make TecToy ones official bootlegs as they're mostly emulator boxes.

  8. What was the time line for the Indian variant? Was this around the time the others happened or did they release it way after it was discontinued elsewhere?

  9. My neighbour growing up was a retired HK policeman who moved back to the uk. His console had broken so he gave all his HK megadrive carts to me as his kids were into their saturn at the time, around 100 or so, all the Japanese shaped cart. The only one I still have is sonic 3 as it was the only one I could actually use with my Megadrive at the time! My parents took all the rest to the tip as they were "unplayable". My first experience of region locking! Still have not forgiven them to this day. I never to this day have played sonic 3 without it being inserted into S&K…

  10. Please do a video on popular 2004 Mario Forever PC game, which later became adware(beyond the control of creator), and got a SNES rom hack remake.

  11. 1:11 Well more than that, it was only called Sega Genesis here in the US. A pretty stark contrast to the Famicom brand only being used in Japan as Nintendo wanted to appeal to the home computer market in Japan and sidestep the market crash in the US by selling the console as a toy (not sure about the rest of the world though as the crash only happened in the US). There's really no reason I can think of as to why they repeated this with the Super Famicom/NES though and it would be the last time they used either name instead opting for global brand synergy, much as was the case with the Sega Saturn with Sega CD being Mega CD outside of the US and 32X being an absolute wildcard with Super 32X in Japan, Sega Genesis 32X in the US, Mega 32X in Brazil and Mega Drive 32X everywhere else.

  12. 4:56 Well the SG-1000 only had console ports of of arcade games while the Famicom also had actually new games.

  13. That's awesome, I'd collect these too if I was still into that. Instead, I'll enjoy others collections!

  14. I’m still trying to figure out why you don’t have more subs.

  15. The gold logo/PAL label on JP shell games were sold all along South Asia. I’ve had games shipped from the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and others. I do love that gold logo!

  16. Some great information in this video, it's a SEGA market rarely covered on English YouTube channels, good work. Should note a lot of PAL cartridges were a world revision and would run perfect at 60Hz if plugged into a NTSC system, same is true of NTSC game which would run at 50Hz on a PAL console. The 32X was a good way to get around the Japanese cartridge shell as it fitted both. Later games were region locked and a number were PAL optimised in one way or another and so won't run correct at 60Hz, normally these were region locked. Of course you can use Game Genies and bypass cartridges to get around it. When you go deep into the subject it gets very complex, did a video on it awhile back if interested look for "50hz PAL Sega Mega Drive games run at 60hz on a NTSC Genesis" it's a bit dated and needs an update, but gives a good overview.

  17. I feel like that people who collect to put things on the shelf, like you, might be the biggest contributor to the recent price increase in many retro games. There are lots of games that have a price that the game's experience cannot justify, in my view, but if people aren't going to play them anyway, that's no big deal…

  18. And then there were all of the Mega Drive/Genesis games released in Russia. The cases are smaller than typical cases. Here are the ones that I have; A small drop in the bucket as to what's out there:
    Angry Birds in Russia

    Angry Birds: Star Wars

    Combat Cars

    Fix-It Felix Jr.

    Harry Potter

    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

    Iraq War 2003

    Plants vs. Zombies

  19. Seriously how did it take 8 minutes of waffling to get to the meat of the video?

  20. I prefer to play the real thing when I can.
    When I die, they probably end up in trash cause I have no reason to sell them.
    They will die glorious with me in the battle.

  21. Brilliant video, I'd love to get some of those in my collection

  22. The golden logo was for the entire Asia. I've got Aladdin, Ecco and street fighter 2 with golden logos but I'm certain Aladdin and Ecco came from Hong Kong because there is still an original hk$ price tag 😀 I'd love to get any Brazilian and Korean megadrive games to have games from all the regions.

  23. Nazis STILL Hate Me (and Here's Why) says:

    This guy is pure cringe 😆

  24. Love watching these retro videos and then playing the free roms on my emulator while I listen to everyone complain about prices.

  25. 1) The Indian recreation of the Sega CD commercial is amazing!
    2) THAT explains the weird Asian 50hz Megadrive I got! Though not exactly where it came from, I'm in Denmark and I don't know where the person I bought it from got it. I ended up getting a 50/60hz Switch modded Euro Megadrive later and it's great, but I vastly prefer the red/gold look of my Asian system.

  26. 10:10 no wonder, they didn´t sell anything if they tried to promote the system with such bad advertising 😀

  27. At 2:10 Why didn't you mention that there were converters that allowed Japanese cartridges to play on PAL mega drives?

  28. it makes sense sold piracy software well its india where most of the scammers come from

  29. What a shameless way to try to self-promote something you're trying to make valuable.. this is disappointing

  30. pal or not, we have 250 volt in the walls and that is more than usa have

  31. I'm dying from laughter of that India Sonic commercial. 😂

  32. Really interesting video!

  33. If I'm not wrong, your thumbnail for this video originally had "Indian" as standalone white text. And I think I much preferred that version. It looked cleaner.

  34. wow i did not realize india had its own region with sega i thought it would be the same s asia

  35. I think we all know the reason why game prices have gone up so high and that is thanks to heritage auctions and wata games and their scheme to overprice the market for profit. I'm not a collector but clearly those companies are ruining video game collecting

  36. 6:14 That sounds like Ernie Anderson. He was monster movie host "Goulardi" and voiced promos for the ABC network for many years. He also did the promos for Star Trek: The Next Generation for the first few seasons.

  37. I remember some folks buying bootleg Sega Scorpion consoles in UK because it was region free and way cheaper .

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