SEGA Creator Focus - Daniel Ibbertson aka Slope's Game Room -

SEGA Creator Focus – Daniel Ibbertson aka Slope’s Game Room

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We caught up with YouTube creator Daniel Ibbertson aka Slope’s Game Room to discuss his love for all things SEGA, as well as some of his own work that focuses on some of SEGA’s biggest franchises.

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  1. they only give us interface and subtitles translated to other languages about yakuza like a dragon

  2. I know that pain of selling your classic games for a new system I was dirt poor when the Wii came out and I sold, my Dreamcast, Genesis and SNES collection to buy it, what a bad decision

  3. Ayyy hell yeah haha, brilliant choice of interview.

  4. Can't thank you guys enough for this… Still an absolute dream come true! My 10 year old self is super excited

  5. Fantastic watch and interview Slopes mate. Loving the Sega passion from a Sega fan boy back in the day like ma sell lol superb and some really amazing bits in the collection there. Sonic & Knuckles is perfection I do agree 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿👌😃

  6. no better version of sonic and knucles box. eu ones box deifnilty better than genesis but the cartridge of eu ones not have sonic and knucles logo it have weird loading logo lol and the genesis sonic and knulecles have logo on carridge and it work on eu mega drive bcouse sonic and knucles no region locked game. the better version of that game of course is like is intend to in one cartrdige game booleg copy of sonic 3 and knucles in one catroidge. you can buy it from china sites cheap and have actualy own box image that actualy feels new sonic game. the bootleg version of those days sonic knucles have green cover with logo on it of course and back side talking about sonic 4 images never rleased.

  7. Say to hardlights team thank you for the (REVENGE MYSELF FROM) release infinite it's been(DEADLY YEARS)seens being(POWERFULL AND BE DESTROYED)_=(-'_=(_&)==_)==)

  8. The obscure controller he was holding was not a Shenmue controller, but a special edition controlpad for the game Seaman. Maybe he just mistakenly said it wrong.

  9. I'd give this a solid 9.5 out of 10, but due to lack of Theo I can only give it an 8. Sorry.

    And that Sonic & Knuckles box is way too relatable. Mine looks like it was manhandled by a courier who stumbled into a barfight and decided to join in.

    TL;DR – More videos like these please.

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