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#PlayMyQuiz | Slopes Game Show with DJ Slopes

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Introducing our new series of #PlayMyStory and #PlayMyQuiz

In this episode, we speak to DJ Slopes, who created a brilliant interactive video game quiz.

Daniel Ibbertson AKA DJ Slope from Slopes Game Room aims to bring you the complete history on your gaming past.

Your nostalgia is safe with him…

Go on head on over to…to Slopes Game Room.

DJ Slopes’ YouTube Channel:

The team here at RichCast sat down with Daniel to ask him questions about his experience and how easy he found the experience.

00:02 – How did this experience come about?
00:42 – Have you ever wanted to make a game before?
01:14 – Do you have any previous knowledge making interactive experiences?
01:41 – How did you find the process of creating Slope’s Game Show?
02:00 – How similar/different was the creation of Slope’s Game Show compared to one of your Complete History Videos?
02:45 – What was your favourite thing about using RichCast?
03:42 – Any tips for RichCast creators?

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