New Keyakizaka46 Rhythm Game on Mobile - The Slope Podcast Episode 94 -

New Keyakizaka46 Rhythm Game on Mobile – The Slope Podcast Episode 94

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(1:53) Highlighted Comment of the Week

Current Events
(4:47) Yoshimotozaka46 3rd Single Announcement
(9:59) Hinatazaka46 Mama no Dress MV
(17:26) Keyakizaka46 Kado wo Magaru MV
(32:38) UNI’S ON AIR Hinatazaka46 Keyakizaka46 Game
(48:13) Nogizaka46 graduates Under Nogizaka LLC

(52:53) Book Club (Keyakizaka46 Tour Concert by QuesoMadness)

(1:11:11) TV Show Roundup
(1:12:54) Hinatazaka de Aimashou
(1:16:11) Keyakitte Kakenai
(1:22:38) Nogizaka Koujichuu
(1:28:42) HINABINGO!2

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  1. It was fun to see you having good time talking about Uni's on air. You can be the best sales team of the game!

  2. probably because the first line was "I see trees, they're green…" that's kinda why they chose What a Wonderful World…

  3. I think Nogibingo 11 is up next because they have no issues with variety stuff that Keyaki 1ki have. Mngmt is probably waiting for kss to enter Keyaki 2ki before they do some variety shows again for Keyaki. Mngmt has clearly given up on variety stuff and drama for Keyaki 1ki since Keyabingo 3 ended.

    Keyaki 2ki is getting their own episode this week: "2ki members want to break out of their shell". Be themselves on the show we haven't seen from 2ki yet except Rikopi.

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