Marcus Kleveland - X GAMES WEEK (first gold, slope, my filmer competed) -

Marcus Kleveland – X GAMES WEEK (first gold, slope, my filmer competed)

Marcus Kleveland
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Another X GAMES in the books, here is a look into my week at X Games Norway. A good week with a lot of memorable things that went down. As for example my filmer competed in ski knuckle huck.

Film/ Edit: @PetterUlsletten
Additional filmer: @Emilulsletten Thank you :):)

Have a look, hope you like this raw/ look video.

Go check out Switch 2.0 that we filmed in the beginning of the week:


  1. Du kom aldri tilbake da jeg spurte om jeg kunne få brillene dine.

  2. What I love about you is that before the x games you switch between ski’s.. just some chill sessies no worries about a crash or some. No rush no stressful things just chilling ❤️

  3. You're an ICON snowboarder Markus, keep up the good work! PS: Keep an eye on your knee, don't want that to get bad again.

  4. You killed it at xgames! hope your knee gets stronger and we can see some more stuff from you

  5. Stay safe. Already waiting for next season

  6. Congrats on winning and good luck on your next competition. When do you compete next? Greeting from Japan

  7. FANS: "Can I have your braces?

    MARCUS: "Sure, here you go"

  8. I love the camera work, it really shows off Marcus's riding style, this is excellent to watch!

  9. So clean, great ejecution!👍🏼👍🏼

  10. Congrats on the gold brother. Have you tried kratom for your knee? It’s a non addictive and energizing pain relieving plant. I take it before running and before work and playing guitar. I love it. May God bless you with more healing. I’m glad you’re getting paid to snowboard and that you’re able to ride because you’re inspiring to watch man. Makes me wish I lived by some mountains. Thanks for posting all this.

  11. Ski hills are shutting down! Only thing left to do is fly to Bali and start surfing!!! Yew

  12. That tricks are just awesome and so satisfying to watch

  13. My feet are literary flexing on their own on half of the jumps !
    Great job from Peter ! Thx for all this great content .

  14. Just a small suggestion. Can you color the subtitles in a different color? Its pretty hard to read white text on snow backgrounds. Love your style and the videos!!

  15. The footage at 4:33 is absolutely insane mate. I replayed it probably 10x. What an awesome cameraman

  16. 8:37 wondering what he was tryna do there? GG on winning tho Markus, that's awesome!

  17. Du motiverer meg til og begynne med Snowbord i stedet for ski

  18. helt rått 🙂 Du er kul å følge 🙂 kult innhold

  19. What a sick filmer you got man! Really surprised with how good he was

  20. Such an amazing athlete , always smiling and very humble… My favorite with Ståle <3

  21. What is wrong with these kids wanting all your stuff! A goggle?- OK but everything else? WTF

  22. Marcus ain’t called the human cheat code in snowboarding for nothing people.

  23. hva er navnet på den plata, brettet du har? alle har den for tiden

  24. “He’s just Burton mashing out here” – craig mcmorris. Well there’s a reason why he’s called the human cheat code of snowboarding.

  25. 8:22 announcers: “he’s just button mashing out here”
    Me: that’s a reason why we call him the human cheat code of snowboarding.

  26. Just the amount of saves alone is insane

  27. why everybody buy a nitro board ? whats the different

  28. Watching you ride is so satisfying, and the videos are one of a kind with your cameraman. Keep it coming, you are giving a lot of joy to many people!
    You are giving snowboard a whole new meaning.

  29. Marcus do you talk to other competitors during practice?

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