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Kickstarters WORST video games!

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“If 1st you don’t succeed… give up” is the advice these campaign owners should have taken but unfortunately… that would have already been way too late!
In this episode of “THAT’S WHAT I CALL KICKSCAMMERS VOL 6” I showcase 6 of the worst video game covers I have ever talked about on the show including a few rip offs from the world of Altered Beast and Grand Theft Auto to name a few!
I hope you… “enjoy”

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  1. When the Confederate Express guys disappeared, my first thought was that the landlord decided to skip an attorney and paid someone to kill them.

  2. Are you smarter than a cheerleader/porn Star is a game I’ve never heard of before but seeing it, I’m getting the same vibe as The Guy Game

  3. Lmfao @ the company name!

    Killer whale games…. Whale killers…. LMFAO @ least the dudes had a great sense of humour!

  4. So Confederate Express just plays like Cannon Fodder on the Amiga and is just worse? I’ll stick to the Sensible option 😉

  5. 32:29 he looks like he has been doing meth with those eyes and haircut.

  6. $1000 to $7000 dollars per day? Damn, I should get into the indie game business. 😂

  7. Bruh where had this channel been my whole life

  8. Describing the end results as video games is being a little bit generous!


  10. I recognize some of my assets in that game. daamn…

  11. Raw sounds like every other meta verse crypto scam "game" that has come out in the past few years.

  12. Dude, that final message from Maxim… there are just no words lol. I mean there are but jesus christ… You're not innocent because people are stupid lol. You can be a sneaky evil liar and people can be stupid simultaneously. And the "you can't say we didn't deliver" part is just a logic fail. Whether or not the backers were dumb and spent frivolously doesn't change whether it was a scam orchestrated by you lol. Both are true. People fucked up, AND you scammed them.

  13. Here's a thought, this is my list of games with so much potential but certainly missed it's mark with gaming fans……okay, here we go…..
    "Postal 4"….
    "The Club"
    "Call Of Jaruez The Cartel"
    "Battlefield Hardline"
    "Fast & Furious Crossroads"
    "Crime Life Gang War"….
    "Mass Effects Andromeda"….
    "Saint's Row 4"..
    "Bayonetta 2"….
    "Need For Speed The Run"…
    "Need For Speed Payback"

  14. It wasn't a theory. The funds raised for Super retro Squad went to buying a house, as was originally intended when the project was being worked on. It was suppose to be a house for the dev team to live in and work on the game. If you're going to shit on people for not doing a good job, you could at least do a good job with some basic research.

  15. Delaware St. John 4. Funded and still not out. The man who kickstarted it has a few Kickstarters he had funded, but he has not completed the projects.

  16. I was there back in 2012-2014 actively looking at Super Retro Squad's development.

    I really wanted to play it since a modern NES style platformer with characters that each had a unique play style was super compelling.

    Game just needed a better director overall. Well there's always Super Mario Bros. Crossover to play to scratch that itch I guess.

  17. That first cheerleader smacking her lips every time she starts a new sentence really grates on the nerves.

  18. I disagree with the opinion that RAW couldnt exist and that nobody would want to play a real life sim. Servers like this exist for GTA already and NoPixel is actually the most watched thing on twitch.. GTA 6 will no doubt have a mode like this

  19. The altered beast one is sad
    Bro probably loved the game growing up and just wanted the current generation to appreciate and enjoy the game in a more up-to-date version.

  20. Wait, was that BIG DADDY TOP HAT???

  21. I was subscribed but YouTube unsubscribed me for some reason 🙁

  22. Ok with RAW, were they putting NPCs in for the base jobs until there a player to takeover?

  23. There's a reason Simulation games are usually about doing one thing. Like if Farm Sim was also a Bus Sim and a Shop Sim it would be difficult to make. But then you add everyone working the job is are real person and it all falls apart.

  24. Among all mention the brother's story is the most interesting just because the game did come out even it not achieve the stretch goal.

  25. "He's five year old and awsum!" Aww and lol 😀

  26. I would gladly Kickstart your son's venture to working at Nintendo making the next Pikmin game!

  27. Hi there how are you doing just wondering how come you haven't done a prince of Persia complete history. by the way I am really enjoying watching your content thanks.

  28. Ngl, Knuckle Club and Confederate Express looked kinda cool…nice sprites and gameplay… too bad the creators were dumb as fxck….

  29. Top Hat Gaming Man has no control over kilobite´s business decisions.

  30. As much fun as it is to take the piss out of these terrible Kickstarters I really would like to see you cover your favorite games to come out of crowdfunding. For all the terrible ones that either never get made or do get made (unfortunately), there's still a handful of really great ones that started on the ol kickstartin' sites.

  31. Does anybody else think that slope looks like Mr. H's brother from the MR h's YouTube channel

  32. 32:34 dude looks like the subway ghost in the Ghost movie ( Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore )

  33. It’s very strange that slopes has never heard of machinamas they are over 10 years old at this point

  34. Wow, those devs from Raw took a page from the Peter Molineux book of over-promising

  35. sorry if this comment is rude, I'm on my period

  36. Playing a game where you’re basically working a crappy job sounds miserable. And I learned playing Star Wars Galaxies that opening and running a successful store with good that you manufacture is virtually impossible unless you get in early and put a ton of hours into it. No thanks.

  37. You should do a video on soul saga Kickstarter.

  38. The confederate express guys have extremely punchable faces. Their smug personalities would just make it more satisfying when somebody does give them one.

  39. The Confederate Express/Knuckle Club situation reminded me of the whole Digital Homicide/Romine brothers situation where you had 2 brothers much like in the whole CE/KC situation not really caring about putting out a good product but in this one just crapping out game after game EVERY 6 DAYS (it was found out that their "games" were simply Unity Store asset flips which is HIGHLY frowned upon in the gaming community) which is ABSURDLY SHORT for a game to get developed in. It was LITERALLY LIKE changing the camera angle and boom, new game to those 2 and they took Jim Sterling to court (OR at least attempted to with I think a cool $15M lawsuit) but Jim obviously had every right to expose the Romine brothers fot the talentless hacks that they were and they had to give up. That happened back when he HAD credibility but now he is not much better than the hacks at any of these gaming urinalism outlets as he ATTACKED the Soulsborne community and demanded that Elden Ring get an easy mode. The whole CE/KC situation is that situation on a WAY millder scale but not any less shady. At least the pair behind CE and KC had SERIOUS potential UNLIKE the Romine brothers. I mean they were ACTUALLY TRYING and not putting out asset flip after asset flip after asset flip. At least you could give the CE/KC duo that.

  40. Wait.
    ……Confederate express? So, it's a game…. where the heroes are called the confederacy…. blue collar joes working as a delivery service…. that are all white… refereed to as "rebels"…. and the enemies are "mindless goons" in hoodies and other "street clothing" with grey shadowy faces that you are supposed to shoot and kill with shotguns. Um…….
    I'm…… not the only one that sees this, right? ……
    I would have thought people heard alarm bells with the word CONFEDERATE being in the title… but the rest is CLEARLY no accident or coincidence.

    This is a thinly veiled, incredibly racist game with a thin veil over it that people fell for, where blue collar white guys that proudly call themselves "the rebel race" shoot and kill hordes of unintelligent members of "the zombie race" with ashy dark skin that wear hoodies and low-income street clothes associated with thugs trying to "steal and keep them from doing their jobs". What the actual hell. Why did anyone buy this? Why did YOU buy this?!?!?

  41. i like your son's thinking! we need another picman

  42. I can recreate the matrix with 250k. Sure. Easy.

  43. So, I get the whole 30 days, can't kick them out, blah blah blah, but was anything stopping her from just shutting off the power?

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