Kickstarters WORST PEOPLE! | Bizarre Crowdfunding Stories -

Kickstarters WORST PEOPLE! | Bizarre Crowdfunding Stories

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Here is my list for some of the worst people in crowdfunding! | Thanks to FunPlus for sponsoring this video | Download State of Survival here: | King of Avalon here: | Download Guns of Glory here: |Claim your limited in-game pack with my creator code “FunPlus”

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(apologies for the re-upload on this video guys, I made a huge audio error on the last upload that messed up the 2nd half)

So here we have it guys, a list of some of the absolute worst scumbags to ever find their way onto Kickstarter, IndieGoGo and GoFundMe.

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Mucho Love guys, and a huge thanks for the support
All the best

00:00 Intro
04:19 Cans without Labels
19:27 HITLiving
22:53 Alicia Pierini’s Medical Fund
28:15 OAXIS
50:58 Kickstarter’s WORST Nightmare

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  1. 47:04 Autism is NOT a disease. This has to stop. The issue is perception and mostly social standards. It is just different pre-set settings!

  2. The timecode says "HITLiving" instead of "HIVLiving'.

  3. I'm fine with these compilation videos as a way for you to reuse content. But you really should put in a bit of effort to update stories where it felt incomplete at the time you originally made it. For example, you could have updated Alicia Pierini's story to list her sentence. And you went out of your way in the intro to say you had contact from John K. after this was first uploaded. So I eagerly awaited the end of that section of the video to see what he said to you. But nothing was mentioned again. I love these videos, I'm only saying that adding a few updates where appropriate would really help freshen up these videos.

  4. i just watched Cans after seeing this, and i have to say i really enjoyed it!

  5. Yeah, the Butch Hartman thing really hurt when I enjoyed fairly odd parents and danny phantom so much.

  6. You said John contacted you but then you do not talk about that at all… Why?
    Also, for better or for worse, artists have always been controversial. If they lived today, Van Gogh, Mozart, even John Lennon or Picasso would be cancelled. Don't get me started on Dali! You simply gotta separate the art from the artist. They are often troubled people which is where the talent comes from.

  7. 22:55 – I mean, was nobody suspicious about this? These two people are so diversely weird and yet both have HIV and share a love for Hamilton, clearly this was a troll trying to scam people

  8. I think it's funny that the Butch Hartman cartoon has a nice big smile but when you see live action footage of him it looks like his mouth is too small for his head

  9. 3 minute long sponsorship on top of youtube ads wtf

  10. Damn, I am so happy that so many content creators are coming out against transphobia.

  11. Pυɾρʅҽ Tσɱαƚσ Cιɳҽɱα🍿🎬 says:

    Question; why would any parent allow their underage child to fly to another part of the country to meet up with some random 30 something year-old adult? Given how twisted John K's cartoons are and his mannerisms, it should've been a red huge flag for the parents to know that John wasn't a nice man. Heck, I don't know the guy and even I knew he was a creep when I saw him on TV when I was 7.

  12. The alphabet people are less then 5 percent… stop catering to the smallest denomination……

  13. I never liked John K's work, never found it that funny. I can at least appreciate how Ren and Stimpy, as well as Joe Murray's Rocko's Modern Life (which I often found more boring when I was young than just unfunny and I doubt that'd change much if I watched it again. I mean, I was bored by Hey Arnold just as much and I did sort of like that show a little) pushed the limits of what you could get away with in kids' shows at the time, even if it did lead to sh*t imitators like Snookums and Meat (which was a Disney show so it didn't have as much of an edge) and Cow and Chicken (a show which I personally found it even less funny)

  14. 24:15 – Well, people who give money to random strangers online deserve to be ripped off. That's like giving 100$ to the local drunk beggar. If you really want to do good, donate to an established charity helping such people not directly to any nobody who will just run away with it.

  15. The descriptions of the fake hivliving people reminds me of the South Park Brand Management company where all of the lists of characteristics ended with "Victim"

  16. "Cans with no labels" is funny. But that was it? A kickstarter for a ten minute cartoon?

  17. Scandals aside, John K isna good example of limitations being good for creativity. Some people need a little structure forced upon them. Without that, his work becomes directionless.

  18. The Mother 3 Music on Butch Hartmant being a shitty person is so fitting

  19. It is not a small minority of religious people who think that way, it's most, if you want to be generous and call what they do thinking.

  20. If Butch is such a christian, why does he have such little problem lying and stealing?

  21. 34:35 – Oh, so because he is a Christian he is immediately declared public enemy #1 and a homophobe? Why are people even asking him about this? Surely on a channel devoted to kids' shows, there would not be ANY homosexual or heterosexual content, eh? Not suitable for kids, right?

  22. 41:55 – He says some very true things!!! He is not saying do not be an introvert… but that if you are a showrunner or in charge these are not useful qualities.

  23. Could the makers of State of Survival just go f*** themselves? I am sick to death of their endless lying ads.

  24. The Oaxis website is still there. Wonder why he's wasting money on it still.

  25. Oh… the seven mountains of faith sounds super yikes. Like, christianty must CONSUME EVERY INCH OF OUR LIVES. Makes me real uncomfortable to imagine that world – it reminds me of Jehovahs witnesses and how they control every inch of their follower's lives.

  26. “99.99999% recurring of all Christians are good, honest people”

    Fun fact: 99.9 repeating is the same as 100, so even though you meant to say that most Christians are good people, you actually said that all of them are.

  27. Those sponsosrs call every online game an MMO lol

  28. He mentioned in the video a “Dimension Drive” video at 52:58 what video is he talking about?

  29. Reguardless of what he did. Still love ren and stimpy. At first I wondered as she was 16 and she would have been legal age, but then checked and the place in America was 17. A real shame to a man who had such great and abstract talent a kind of picasso of animation.

  30. "Butch, will your christian family program oriented streaming service feature gay propaganda? I know i just gave you 99 dollars abd loved your cartoona but ive never paid any attention to anything else youve ever said. Anyway, will it feature rainbow indoctrination?"
    -a 40 lb overweight woman with blue hair

  31. That HIVLiving guy definitely understood the zeitgeist. And on Tumblr of all places? If he wasn't a grifter, it would've been an achievement in trolling.

  32. Christians can't indoctrinate yet the government approves of getting kids dependent on anti-depressants and harmful self images? Yeah, Christians that have no power are the bad guys here.

  33. You either had this done for quite a while or it flew of your radar. Have you seen Butch’s activities lately? He’s very, very pushy about promoting his new show, which, surprise, surprise, is all about his “beliefs”. A sample of what was going to be on Oaxis.

  34. i remember someone sent a 70 dollar figure of kamen rider ghost to butch hartmann and he mispronounced the name terribly

  35. Sorry but this video was impossible to watch; I was getting two adverts every 90 seconds. The ads are now out of control… I gave up.

  36. If you like Anime, you're either a girl or a pedophile.

    Amazing video as always 😀

  38. I have never heard someone be so ignorant about what the introversion/extroversion spectrum in humans is. Not sure if I feel sad someone can be so ignorant or pissed. While not as simple, the core of it is: extroverts get energy and need fulfillment from socializing, an introvert loses energy to socializing and there's little need fulfillment to warrant that loss of energy as an introvert requires lone time for that. An introvert can literally get sick from too much socializing. It has nothing to do with selfishness, I'm not being selfish when I fulfill a survival/health need of mine, that's like calling someone selfish for eating something, or taking time at the gym instead of hanging out.
    It's probably likely if you really need one of your friends for something not fun and serious, those extrovert hang out with-friends you saw daily vanish (not all but if you have 20 friends, it's just statistically likely most of those are pretty superficial).. It's that one pet introvert friend who shows up then if you have one (instead of at that party last week).

    Stupid selfish extroverts keeping on trying to get me to come to parties even though they could know from all the talks it's not healthy for me……… 😉 (joke but partially true. I have social anxiety disorder aside from being introverted so it's quite literal that I get sick if I don't dose my socializing.)

  39. I just found out last night about the debacle that went on about 8 months ago with ex-fellow gaming channels. I was thinking it would end up here seeing as I think they had gofundme/kickstarters.

    Yeah, I'm doing some drama hunting. I wanna know the whole story, so I am going to all other channels previously associated with them, that I am subscribed to. I still watch them, though, and so far am taking it as they needed to learn their lesson to watch what they use and what they put online.

  40. The marvel music really fits the show's theme, doesn't it?

  41. oaxis one-
    i once applied to a compay in florida which had a huge operation editing videos, by …… wait for it….. chapter markers for DVDs. they would sell you a piece of software that was a dvd player with preset chapter markers per movie. the chapter markers made main stream movies a new "viewing". Such as wanna watch little mermaid with none of the romance? well they will sell you that "edit" for you to watch with the kids, only catch you had to own the movie and watch on their software. they banked. the owners made so much cash they started a new biz, one thats in a lawsuit last i heard with amazon for their product x-ray

  42. Maybe it's because I grew up in the culture it seemed very obvious to me from the beginning he was trying to push a very conservative, Christian agenda.

  43. This is the worst I have seen … its all junk shouting and ads plus a few outright lies.
    AVOID …

  44. The irony of pushing mobile game sponsors whilst exposing scams is not lost on me.

  45. 1:02:15 – Kick-trolling is alive and well in the Card Game scene. Just recently some games had to deal with a Kick-troller promising tens of thousands.

  46. Kickscam, Kickgrift, Kickfraud, Kickscrew…the names just seem to write themselves.

  47. Really dig your content man. Seem like a cool bloke id like to chill with and play some games

  48. john k. is now remembered as one of the worst animators in history? wtf, how does that work?

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