Kickstarter's IDIOTIC campaigns - SGR -

Kickstarter’s IDIOTIC campaigns – SGR

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It’s time for another compilation of Kickstarter scams… the best of Kickscammers you could say!

This time we are looking at the idiotic, the stupid, the absolute WORST Kickstarters,, IndieGoGos and GoFundMe’s ever to find their way onto the crowdfunding platform


⌛ The Complete History Series…
The ultimate in-depth documentary look at all your favourite gaming franchises such as… Metroid, Streets of Rage, Shinobi, Strider, Metal Slug, Parappa the Rapper, Toejam & Earl, House of The Dead, Earthworm Jim. Space Harrier, Jet Set Radio, Crash Bandicoot, Grand Theft Auto, Final Fight, and many many more

⌛ The Kick-Scammer Series…
Join us as we look into some of the very worst Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns ever!

⌛ Random Video Games Fact Series…
The Strangest Video Game Facts found on YouTube
⌛ Quickshot Series…
Random bite-sized gaming facts

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  1. I might reconsider my subscription to you after that "joke" with your children in the beginning.

  2. Damn, I was expecting to see 'Penis Butt' tattooed on your arm.

  3. Why didn't the mom stop the brothers from bullying the little girl? I would have never gotten away with acting like that when I was a kid. Isn't stopping the bullying a better solution than making a revenge game, seems to me all she is doing there is publicly ruining the relationship between these siblings for the rest of their lives.

  4. I don't know if you noticed it.
    But the logo for project Pegasus.
    is actually the Pegasus from Steve Miller band's albums.

  5. Glad you made it safely out of covid.

    Get well soon.

  6. "A dating app for kids only the parents use it! Confused?"

    Not really, I know pedophiles exist.

  7. T&T was 100% a scam, but anything that pisses off redditors is worth every penny

  8. I don't agree that having a good gender split in fields is a good thing. Males and Females naturally have different interests a lot of which are caused by evolution. Some countries have tried to force gender neutrality to increase the number of females in male dominated fields and vice versa but these have failed. Let people get jobs they will enjoy and not to fill some imaginary quota.

  9. Not to be difficult, but I hope the thing about your son was a joke. Your son is as vulnerable as your daughter, just in different ways.

    My 18 year old nearly got in big trouble when he was 14 when he met an older girl.

    Though don't worry, that woman burying her two sons is way worse.

  10. I hope you feel better soon, you sound really rough. =(

  11. The misandry in the Truth & Trolls campaign was disgusting.

  12. There's an easy solution here. Just make your daughter gay. Since, you know, it's clearly up to you.

  13. “Hey there guys, DJ Slope here, sounding like a grim dark ‘90s action hero…”

  14. Looking forward to "A Complete History of Tomb Raider".

  15. I don;'t think that the tattoo project should have been on a crowdfunding site. I can't help but find the concept she states of being covered in thousands of stories interesting. I suppose because I believe that a tattoo should mean something.

  16. Even if that Truth and Trolls thing is legit putting down your sons to promote your daughter is still messed up. Yes female reputation in most industries should be better but if you're setting up your own children as villains in a feel good story for your daughter then your family dynamic is messed up.

  17. I think you mean 'punctuality', not 'punctuation' 🤪

  18. That woman who pretended to be her little girl is gross. Her behaviour online shows her to be poisonous and a rich person pretending to be a victim. Gross.

  19. I love this series, a friend and i do a small viewing party each time you post a new episode. However make sure you keep looking after yourself slopes, maybe take a break from this until youre recovered. I can only speak for myself but as a fan, I can wait. Kia Kaha. (Maori for stand strong)

  20. I saw the headline and thought this was about the Amico. oh, well

  21. "I don't like RPGS" Xenogears music plays in background

  22. Feel better mate! Love your content! Definitely remember the chick from a Google Search recommendation in 2017-2018. Don't exactly remember but even saw it in the news in the workplace. To each their own but I find women of the sort who obssess over it very unappealing. Reminds me of a co-worker who looked beautiful but unfortunately had it on her right arm and probably on her adbomen as part of it was visible. They're a turn-off all-in-all to me. (Tube shadow-cleared my post so cannot mention the name of the art form for some reason).

  23. That "rate the boyfriend" app. I would have suggested also making "rate her parents" where the boyfriends-to-be could write just how much crazy the parents were.

  24. Art has always been subjective. Is tattooing a bunch of stranger's names onto your body art? To me, no. To them, apparently, yes. I'm firmly in the camp that you can do whatever you want to your own body, tho, so good on them. Not to mention that the money was donated, so that's nice, too.

  25. Why does it make it a good thing to have a split down the sexes in jobs? Where are all the calls for women to be bin collectors, builders, truck drivers, front line soldiers, oil workers, taxi drivers, sewage workers and many other hands on jobs? Why is it only the comfortable good paying jobs only get talked about? Why not push women into the dangerous jobs that men do day in day out?

  26. oh hell, this video came out swinging. I was so not prepared for the child parent dating app.

  27. This is a re-upload?

    Was the original taken down? or you just want a bit more cash from youtube?

  28. its absolutely disgusting that a mother would pretend to be her daughter and make a game aimed solely at making fun of her sons.
    she is a monster.
    plain and simple.

  29. I heard the music playing during the Skillshare segment and it sounded so familiar, had to pause and think super hard but figured it out.. I heard it in World of Goo!

  30. Yeah that susan Wilson Character. Typical case of a Grifter using Current thing to make money.

    The people who do it are rats and the people who fall for it are idiots. The fact people can't instantly see through this shit even to this day just beggar belief.

  31. Amazing, that first Kickstarter was so incredibly sexist.

    Edit: Just wacthed the second one, is there a theme emerging?

  32. Rich people are the worst. But that's how they keep getting rich. Taking money from people that have less.

  33. I can see the truth and trolls one being a mom taking an opportunity to teach her daughter some life lessons about money.

  34. "what's all this about wanting to be a bloody YouTuber when you grow up"

    -An actual grown up YouTuber

  35. The tattoo project is a nice art project, I like it, definitely art in my opinion

  36. A kickstarter for Magic the Gathering? Yeah no thanks. I'll stick with Yugioh thank you. at least with that game I understand it somewhat. with MTG, in my eyes It's just too confusing. so yeah no thank you on the Magic the Gathering kickstarter.

  37. 15:27 …. Quite …. To be fair she’s done a cracking job if it was just a kid.

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