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Kickstarters FATAL Campaigns

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It’s time to look at the GRIMMEST, NASTIEST & WORST campaigns that have ever shown up on #Kickstarter, #IndieGoGo & #GoFundMe! support the show and see the next several episodes RIGHT NOW ⬇️SOCIALS BELOW⬇️

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Today on KickScammers we are gonna be looking at Kickstarter’s worstl Campaigns! 5 of the worst I have ever covered on the show that all end the same way…

NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL KICKSCAMMERS VOL 2! a collection of the worst projects from my back catalog. This “best of” or worst of collection is to give me just a little time to finish off the next 3 big videos I am working on…

💵Kick-Scammers: Jasmin Tridevil’s BIZARRE GoFundMe
💵Kick-Scammers: Kickstarter’s CRYPTO Campaigns
👊TEKKEN: The Complete History

💀THE HOLLYWOOD SUPERMAN from The TRAGIC Kickstarter story of Hollywood’s Superman
💀Jared Aguilar Memorial Fund from 5 Horrific GO FUND ME scam artists
💀”MAD” MIKE HUGHES from 4 DUMB Kickstarters that prove the earth is F.L.A.T!
💀THE UC3 NAUTILUS from 5 Horrible Kickstarter Success Stories
⌛ The Complete History Series…

The ultimate in-depth documentary look at all your favourite gaming franchises such as… Metroid, Streets of Rage, Shinobi, Strider, Metal Slug, Parappa the Rapper, Toejam & Earl, Earthworm Jim. Space Harrier, Jet Set Radio, Crash Bandicoot, Grand Theft Auto, Final Fight, and many many more

⌛ The Kick-Scammer Series…

Join us as we look into some of the very worst Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns ever!

⌛ Random Video Games Fact Series…

The Strangest Video Game Facts found on YouTube

⌛ Quickshot Series…

Random bite-sized gaming facts

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  1. 6:31 "…and the sort of tale that's so crazy and twisted that you just can't make it up even if you tried!"

    Well, I mean, it's essentially just a murder case with a few quirky eleme—

    "Oh, and the couple were in the KKK."

    Okay, NOW this got really crazy!

  2. He died the same age as Christopher Reeve…

    Christopher Dennis, that is

  3. @23:22 Man, I was way off. My guess was that he was busy smoking meth with Superman's buddy The Incredible Hulk.

  4. Frank was killed by his drugged out, evil wife: "aw shit, what a way to go!"

    He was also the head of the KKK: "Well, I'm glad it had a happy ending after all."

  5. Felt bad for Frank in that first story…then we found out he was Grand Imperial member of the KKK and then I felt not so bad about it.

  6. …Wait, SERIOUSLY?! Superman guy broke his neck?

    Wow. Sad irony.

  7. Very appropriate using No Man's Sky for the music for Mad Mike…

  8. Can't say I don't love the ending Frank got lol. That's what you get for being a big old racist.

  9. better Superman depiction than the DC movies

  10. I really don't believe Mike was ever an actual flat Earther.

  11. To be fair, Superman smokes a lot of crystal meth in the comics too.

  12. Lessons I learned today:
    Avoid cat ladies
    Avoid crystal meth
    Avoid submarines and people who build them

  13. 24:49
    Dan (v/o): He was one day watching the Teletubbies…

    Dan: …as you do…

    Dan (v/o): …he fell asleep and dreamt of jumping a limousine…

    Dan: …as you do…

    Dan (v/o): …before he decided to do that very thing!
    Dan: As you do?

  14. Didn't you cover submarine guy before; or is it me?

  15. Nah Rocket Dude joined the Flat-Earth Community for their support. To be a part of a community is actually one of the main reasons people join. Same goes for a lot of cults.

  16. cheap effective accesible mental healthcare/ADHD medication mEtH nOt EvEn OnCe

  17. Gotta love the Kerbal Space Program music during the Mad Mike segment.

  18. That last story is sick beyond sick that guy was very deranged

  19. Felt bad for Frank until I found out he was in the kkk 😂😂

  20. Imperial Wizard is WAY to awesome a title for a member of the KKK.

  21. Maybe Jared died when his phone "literally" blew up from messages… Or maybe Slopes just doesn't know the meaning of the word "literally" 😂

  22. I actually said "oh my god" when the KKK info came out lol Jesus Christ man

  23. that donkey kong song made that so much more sad lol

  24. What the hell is it with Yanks misspelling basic names. “Malissa”…

  25. "Do you want to be picked up?"
    Kid: "No."

    "Ok, I'm gonna pick you up anyway."

    Bruh, how many times do I have to say, no means no! Listen to children when they say no!!!

  26. The first one, Melissa didn't kill her husband. The cats did it. Sociopathic little furballs.
    I have and love cats by the way.

  27. Super Cosmic Mutant Honey Candle Squid says:

    Crazy cat lady, murders husband, blames son-


    You can't make this shit up.

  28. Superman story is tragic. People have dreams and try to escape reality when they can't reach it. He tried so hard. He deserves the money to use the drugs because of all the joy he brought. At least he died quickly. I feel bad for the other starving artists.

  29. That Christopher guy really looks like Superman from the 1980 films. This guy could have been a believable Christopher Reeves stunt double in his younger years.

  30. I’ll be going about my day and suddenly, my mind will go “He ain’t dead. He alive!”

  31. So the Superman impersonator died from breaking his neck? Wow he just really wanted to be Christopher Reeves didn't he?

  32. The consensus is that Mike Hughes was never a flat earther himself, his rocket endevours are linked to his daredevil nature, he just used the flat earth community for funding.

  33. Lol first time seeing this video and finding out someone I am familiar with is at the beginning. 🤣🤣🤣 she was definitely bat shit crazy and oh my god the smell that came from that place. That was major news here when all that happened. It was also well known they were both in the kkk.

  34. Knew I saw that frank dude before. Watched a documentary recently and boom there he was front and center. OOF

  35. I used to work as security on Hollywood Boulevard, I used to know this guy, We had a situation at a theater I worked at with our client, the client had their bag stolen from them and we were in hot pursuit to catch the thief, low and behold, this guy spotted the thief and we caught him. His quote to which he told our team (to which we all laughed it off.) was "at least Superman was here to save the day!" I will never forget that… Rest in peace Hollywood Superman you where a hero to us, and my team.

  36. The thing that I feel was passed over or missed in this video is that "The Hollywood Superman" was severely mentally ill. He had harassed the mother of Christopher Reeve to try and get her to admit he (Christopher Dennis) was actually her illegitimate child. He had also gotten in trouble tons of times for yelling at, harassing, and generally acting like a person on meth towards tourists. So, as sad as his story is, he wasn't just some tortured artist battling demons. He was a sick man, who through drugs and hard living ended up seriously deluded and even violent (especially if you dared tell him that he may not actually be related to Christopher Reeves). Still a tragic story, and tragic that he wasn't committed, and helped to get well.

  37. What makes something like Cat rescue places, without some sort of certificate illegal, is some people don't understand how destructive and disgusting a cat could be, let alone 50! They also might not understand how badly it could imbalance 1 area of wildlife, and how fast they could multiply.

    Anyone who found a cat knows: That those little night goblins will pee and poo where they see fit. "Hey! Those jeans in the hamper look like a nice place to lay 1!"

    Their pee smell is an abomination, don't get me started on ferret pee(At least they pick one spot to poo).

    Maintaining 4-5 pets is one thing, but measuring the integrity of relying on ONE human, for 50 cats? There's no way.

  38. How can we just gloss over the fact that a man's phone literally blew up! And right after someone claimed he was dead too… rough week

  39. 20:06 Dressing like the X-Men in their 'The Matrix' rip off costumes from the movie and not one of their multiple costumes from the comics is never "the right thing." Seriously, both the films and the comics afterwards were both so lazy they just went with generic black.

  40. Me seeing the title: "Oh boy, I bet that submarine guy is gonna be in this one".

  41. "Frank was a high ranking KKK member" so nothing of value was lost.

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