Kickstarter's DUMBEST SCAM! -

Kickstarter’s DUMBEST SCAM!

Slope’s Game Room
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Out of everything I have covered, this SCAM was easily one of the most obvious! Let’s go back to the beginning and take a look at what went wrong! support the show and see the next several episodes RIGHT NOW ⬇️SOCIALS BELOW⬇️

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Nothing like a terrible Kickstarter SCAM right? Well, this one wasn’t an accident but this time it was a SCAM from the get-go!

One of the most stupid and dumb Kickstarter campaign’s I have ever covered on the show, that sadly quite a few people fell for! once I have shown you guys all the evidence you will question how so many people fell for this!

This is Kickstarter’s DUMBEST SCAM

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  1. Shoulda used Colombo's law. That guy was a genius.

  2. What is that evil hand rubbing office commercial starting at 6:11? It's driving me nuts trying to find it

  3. Thanks for the video! If you have the time, you might want to look into another scam that have a few Youtuber fooled, including Linus from Linus Tech tip. I believe it is called Wi-Charge.

    The alarm bells went off when it says it beam around 5+ watts of power around the room with IR. Even the most efficient receiver(solar panel) is no more than 40%, and most are like 20%. The clever use of the word "receiver" seems to dodge some people's critical thinking about efficiency.

    Now at 20% efficiency, 5W would need at least 40W of IR beaming around the room, and if we need to factoring any other inefficiency, we would be reaching 100W real soon.

    My conclusion is… I don't want to be in the same room with a 100W IR turret.

    I suspect the demo they did is battery powered, and the IR receiver only receive remote control level of signal, and serve to turn on the battery connection when there's a signal.

  4. The thing is, wireless energy transmission is possible.
    The caveat is it's difficult to direct and the loss of energy being radiated anywhere but the target is so great that it's only really feasible within a few millimeters at best.
    Hence why contactless charging doesn't allow for such a "vast" distance of more than 1/4 of a centimeter.

    Other wireless technology like radio, bluetooth, and wi-fi don't carry energy, only information.
    Thus the loss of data is acceptable as the amount of energy needed to retransmit the lost packets can be written off.

  5. Yiddish kickstarter? It’s weird that I had to listen to that like 5 times before I realized it was sh!tty back-masked.

  6. Uh, if you need a good Jasmine Tridevil story, I wrote and recorded her first single for her other than lyrical content. I have a few veeeery odd experiences with her.

  7. lmao how you debunked the certificate that was great

  8. So, a basic spinning magnetic charge system. Which is quite well known as wireless toothbrushes use those to charge up!
    But, for that to work the receiving side requires a magnet.
    Phones without basic wireless recharging circuitry can't… for them it is just another magnetic wavefield.
    I have seen tables with wireless recharging spots, put your phone on them and the magnetic field under it will charge your phone IF… and only IF your phone has the right circuitry for it.
    Most phone don't!

  9. Jack Cat 101 & bby_pink_fox_196 & LukeLovesOranges says:

    Learn more

  10. ᛉ︃ᛞᛟ⫷GUARDIAN OF MIDGARD⫸ᛟᛞᛉ︃ says:

    nooooooooo! what happened to tbe hair!?

  11. I'm not going to say this stuff isn't a scam or bs because it is. However, it's really depressing for people to constantly use the fallacy of, "if <x big company> couldn't do this then there's no way a few people could!" Isaac Newton created most of what is modern Calculus alone, John Carmack consistently revolutionized the programming world over and over either alone or in a very tiny group, Steve Wozniak literally broke how people thought about building computers over and over as a hobby on his own. There are countless more examples of individuals or small groups accomplishing unthinkable achievements. Thinking that it requires a massive company to do anything is the thinking of a lazy ignorant fool. That way of thinking that's so widely adopted now is why there's so little innovation in the world, large companies would rather innovation and the risk it takes to achieve no happen.

  12. while videos like this are really interesting, i do kinda worry that this is basically an instruction manuals for what scammers shouldnt do

  13. Please cover the Kodama Obsidian 3d printer, it's a shit show 4 years in the making!!

  14. If they are scammers and said they were from Italy – chances are they were from anywhere but Italy. My first three guesses would be China, Russia or the US of good old A.

  15. Kurtis Black [ 𝙷𝚄𝙽𝚃𝚉𝙼𝙰𝙽 ] says:

    I would watch anything on this channel, Pure charisma 👌

  16. People would never use wireless electicity to power everything in their house. It would be incredibly inneficient.

  17. i mean its possible but you will spend more electricity to charge it using a laser you could atach a solar cell on your phone making it wireless charging but to keep the laser going you would need more power than the phone needs to charge… im basic terminology you put 2000 power you get 100 power… you lose 1900 power… where in wires losses are like 0.0005% here you have a loss of 1900% making the technology useless… also you would blast your eyes with the lasers and also you would still need to put the device in a certain place….i think i read someware that some lasers even emmit bad uvlight or something…the other way of magnetic charging in the whole room is so stupid that its not even funny… wanna microwave yourself use wireless room charger…. also i thinkg the loss is like 5000000% beceause you use like 1 10000 of the rooms charged particles meaning that the others are just wasted also to produce your microwave of death called your room you would need so much electricity that its not even worth it better yet you would need manifacturing again not ideall…here is a possible wireless charging idea that might work… solar panel on the back of the device like phone and using the sun from outside redirecting it using mirrors and charging your phone….that is actually cheap and kinda works…but you need a hole throguh the roof or something…i mean its possible ….but the rate of charge would be so slow that it might not ever come in market as valuable…because if you use wire you charge for like 1 hour that solar thing would probably charge for 2 days….what a good idea would be is using a battery bank with solar cell putting it outside then taking it when its charged and using wires to device…that is the closest you can get …or pachking a nuclear battery in your phone and never charging it again…thoo…. i see so many bad things comming out of it that its not even funny…

  18. 9:05 are we looking at the same picture there mate? You say it has no prongs, and yet there are prongs, they are shown embedded into the enclosure plate. This is standard design, you then have spring contacts that push against them soldered into the PCB, not shown.

    However someone made a mistake and connected the prong contact plates together, but that's easy enough to ignore, though it is funny, since made like that, it's instant fire. The PCB in turn is just a bullshit smattering of components with no rhyme or reason, wherever you have mains, you have isolation requirements which necessitate a certain layout of things, and here it's just not. Obviously the product does not exist.

  19. Hey man. Thanks for the great videos. You have a fantastic channel and should really be much bigger in subs number IMO. Keep up the good work mate

  20. Just a quick attempt at constructive criticism I'm less than 2 minutes in to the video next to nothing has been described and you're already asking if I'm enjoying and to follow your patreon or YouTube members. I love the videos you make. But 2 minutes in I've barely had a chance to make up my mind what I think of the video

  21. Kickstarter Scammer: “Let’s put in some equations to look smart and Tech savy and the masses will blindly follow”

    Me: “Wow” Invests Life Savings

  22. Could someone clue me in to the player 1 clothing issue? Google was no help at all.

  23. The fact that anyone saw that campaign and thought yeah 7500 euro to develop a technology not out… Yeah that makes total sense.

  24. 13:16 What Aliens game is this from? That queen alien looks great for 8-bit. Is it Alien 3? I dont remember it looking that way, but I havent played much of it.

    EDIT: Well, that was easy. Googled Aliens NES and it popped right up – or a video from Billy From The Game Chasers did. It was a prototype of an Aliens game being made by Square, but got canned for lack of quality…like that stopped any other shitty games on NES.

  25. Do you think you could do a Complete History video on the X-Com franchise?

  26. How do I watch Bob’s game videos?

  27. I have to say, including Wario music into this was a nice touch

  28. I love how they show a macbook being charged even though those require anywhere between 30 andn85 watts over usb to charge

  29. That's amazging technology, wireless charging is real and you can waste from 15 up to 100% energy! unlike old and complicated cables that waste less than 5%

  30. look this new scam Reinkstone R1, The Ultimate True Color DES E-Paper Tablet

  31. That’s not how Coulomb's law works. It’s electrostatic, not magnetic.

  32. i know huwaei or some chinease phone company is trying to do something like this but it wont work well due to interferences and well saftey

  33. Even Nikola Tesla sturggeled with the concept for wireless electricity

  34. 11:34 Is it bad that I recognize where this song is from 💥🏍?

  35. The idea of completely wireless electricity was actually thought of decades ago.

    So why doesn't anyone use it?

    Because it involves microwaves, as in those things that microwave ovens emit. Not only would you get cooked, but you'd also slowly develop health problems like cancer.

    Seriously, this is something my dad heard about a few weeks ago, look it up.

  36. Come over after 'Essex Retro Gamer' chat with you….. Great vid 👌

  37. To be honest.. people who fall for this crap deserve to be scammed

  38. Let this be a lesson to people: Never use a math equation you don't understand to try to justify your bullshit, an actual math geek will call you out on it!
    Would've been better off saying they found one of Nikola Tesla's lost notebooks and figured out how to make his wireless power ideas actually work in more efficient least that banks on people believing what they want to believe rather than on "nobody understands math anyway".

  39. Every Italian kickstarter is either a scam or just extremely poorly made.

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