Kickstarter's BIGGEST Indie Game CON-ARTIST! - SGR -

Kickstarter’s BIGGEST Indie Game CON-ARTIST! – SGR

Slope’s Game Room
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I think I may have just found the worst…but also… THE BEST! Indie Game con-artist in all of Kickstarter history! | Get exclusive access to NordPass’ best offer here: Or, use code slope at the checkout to get an additional month for FREE ⬇️SOCIALS BELOW⬇️

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This is a pretty bonkers tale! The story of the worst Kickscammer con artist of all time… that screwed over the fans, the game developers, practically everyone involved AND… they completely got away with it!

But hey… at least we got to play some awesome experimental games right????
Here is a download to all the games found in this here video

And here is the full blog post explaining the outcome

Massive shout out to the awesome AKATimo84 for editing this one 😀
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  1. It's such a shame that this turned out so poorly. This could have been fantastic for the future of indie games, for folks that don't have the tools or group of people to bounce ideas off of, and instead it will only make people more cautious of similar ideas

  2. Never EVER trust anything that is overhyped. PERIOD. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  3. i like the minutes long black screen at 1:25 i know you americans have huge inflation and these democrates ruined the whole economy,
    but jeez! slope, this is a bit much aint it….

  4. And somehow it wasn't Moluneux.

  5. Hey I was a backer and there’s my name at 7:47 ; I live in the LA area and at the time thought this might be a good idea so I pledged at the $150 tier.

    As a “founder” you were supposed to get your name engraved on a plaque at the space, as well as a t-shirt and some game art posters.

    I did end up getting the t-shirt and posters. The posters were of good quality but maybe not exactly everyone’s style. I’m surprised DJ didn’t cover the “poster” rewards actually.

    I was a bummed the “LA/GS” never actually opened, but I did figure it was probably a little over ambitious to think even if it were to open that it would somehow be self-sustaining.

    As someone who (at the time) was hoping to break out as an indie game dev, I was hoping to give to something I believed in. Sad the way it turned out, though.

  6. Okay, every Kickstarter I donated to turned into something and was a success… except this one. I completely forgot about it until this video. I think I got a Pen Ward shirt and I had… Alphabet… but I noticed that games started disappearing from the website.

  7. “None of these creators were paid for creating their games”
    And it shows!😂😂😂

  8. What pisses me off about this is that all those people who donated their names, time & IP to this campaign will think twice before doing it again, even if it's for a legit project or a worthy cause. Taking advantage of the indie game industry is really low.

  9. If this whole thing started in good faith, the best idea would have been to initially rent a small space to serve as the LA Game Space with plans to later expand it into the more impressive concept pitched. It's a real bad look when years go by and you don't have a actual space despite having the word Space in your name. Of course, that's if this whole thing started in good faith and that's always a big if with Kickstarters.

  10. My first thought was $300k isn't going to get much done, especially in LA.

  11. id kill GOD for that bryan lee omalley shirt.

  12. oh God what did they let her in there for!?

  13. Kinda disappointed in TRANS RIGHTS no longer being one of your Patreons!

  14. I have to admit…these scammers were really good in executing their plans in a bad way

  15. Not going to lie, I saw the title and was expecting a video on Zoe Quinn. She's definitely among indie gaming's biggest scammers.

  16. So I know $300,000 sounds like a ton of money and the knee-jerk reaction is that they ran away with a ton of it, I can say as someone who spent years estimating software development projects that the website they built alone could have easily eaten up half of their entire budget. The issue is that they didn't ask for anywhere near enough money to make something like this work. Looking at their designs for the space (which likely cost them a lot as well if they were hiring freelance or contractor designers), they probably would have needed more in the neighborhood of $5M to get this done and keep it afloat for just 6 months and they were never going to get that amount off Kickstarter. The $300,000 probably couldn't have paid all of the salaries for the team they would have needed to design and build the space as well as development the website other things for even a month. I don't know if they had bad intentions or not, but it seems like they just had absolutely 0 experience in estimating or running projects of this scale and they realized far too late that they didn't even have a tenth of the budget they needed to make this idea work.

  17. Ones like this are especially disappointing as it is actually a legitimate idea that could actually be created if the creators were competent. So many Kickscammers are a fantasy item that people should know better than to think a rando on Kickstarter could somehow create when large corporations have been unable to.

  18. Ah yes the hipster indie game scene where everything has to be a gimmick, use retro (style) graphics, and/or have deep meaning/ teach a lesson.
    Usually end up being glorified tech demos with very little "innovation"

    seems about right the whole thing would flop given the games=art community is all about concept and very little about execution.

  19. I don't really like pen ward and what he did.

  20. Humans are such a jumble of weird contradictions.

    Some random dude will make a comment on YouTube ( about literally anything ) , and it is fake because no way anyone with a life exists outside of YouTube .

    However, someone says they will do something because you give them money & they are automatically legit.

  21. Would love to see a video about YouTube scammers. Which seems a hot topic right now.
    Especially with Lady Decade and her fountains of crocodile tears, only a short while after her partner Top Hat Gaming Man did something similar previously.

  22. Sounds like it was just a bunch of pretentious bulls**t to me.

  23. I never trust a man wearing a deep V or jeggings, and these guys pretty much tick both those boxes… + I don't see somebody setting up a workspace in LA for 250K, thats just idiotic.

  24. You know I don't think I can blame the creator since they believed in this project, and they through it was a true thing because they're the ones that want people to spread their creativity because sometimes indi games can become something great. What was promised wasn't given (the LA Game Space) but the other stuff was given.

    I do believe they do regret of believing of what the two guys promised. Chances are the place wasn't built, the guys put some money into the website so they can continue to drag in money, and keep it between the two of them.

    I do understand why people would be upset at the creators that supported the idea and even spread the words to the point they made a game between one another to basically be handed out as an reward with no payment. But people shouldn't, because again they themselves thought it was a real promising thing to where they made the games without taking any money.

    To what I can see this is a lesson for them to be now caution about a gaming space for those to create games.

  25. Where is Tommy? Otherwise, these aren't "con artists", they are just "failed businesses".

  26. Why did anyone think a game place with the acronym LAGS would work out?

  27. unrelated: 6:16 annoys me for some reason lol

    what's with the creator just going "ah uh hm er uh ah, yeah, thing! see? thing, it ah uh er hm uh ahh thing? it's.. ah er uhm hmm ah err thing gonna be cool?"

    T-T-Today, Junior! What kind of sales pitch is that for a video game thing much less anything else? Get on with it already, jesus lmao.

  28. I can't believe none of those big players involved never said "wait how are y'all going to buy and renovate a building for $250k?"

  29. Never thought such names would be attached to this project.

  30. I am still wondering if Orange Island is ever going to come out for NES and Steam. I game them my money years ago.

  31. LA, most expensive place other than NYC and maybe Toronto lol.

  32. They would have needed at least ten times that in order to get anywhere, but realistically even more. I don't really know if they set out to con people out of money, I think they just greatly underestimated the cost of the things they wanted.

  33. How is a video with this title not about Tommy Tallarico?

  34. How about a video about the Kickstarter con-Artist Jay Pavlina of exploding rabbit who took everyone’s money, gave few and far between updates, and is now in another country. He made Mario crossover then did a kickstarter for a game based on it called Super Retro Crossover back in 2012. 2022 and still no game.

  35. I just looked at the kickstarted page and realized this was around the same time as Code Hero. Darn I feel bad for those backers that saw what happened with Code Hero and had their fingers crossed that this wouldn't have the same fate

  36. I helped Kickstart LA Game Space. Great idea, but not going to lie I just backed it for the Bryan Lee O'Malley shirts I got.

  37. gasp one that I was a kickstarter in!
    Still have the shirt, posters and whatever extras that came out of it lol

  38. 350k for custom designed business space in LA is nothing. These guys did not walk away with pockets full of cash.

  39. This is why I never back Kickstarters with grandiose, pie in the sky dreams. It is so obvious that these people never really sat down and did some serious number crunching and research to figure out the viability of the plan.

    I only back realistic, tangible goals such as getting a book printed, where all the content has already been finished and formatted and ready to go. Even some of those have fallen through.

  40. It's sad that Mansion Lord turned out to be a scam because if that was an actual game it would have probably been a huge hit. And it's not like what was promised was unrealistic.

  41. Might be a sign when a game space project's acronym is LAGS 🙂 Hmmm… gave me an idea… a project called Santa Clara Adeventure Mall… 😉

  42. Again with the DJ. Are you a weekend radio host or a children's birthday party dj??? If not… quit it.

  43. It's a shame these con artists were so successful in their scam that they ruined it for anyone who would make a legitimate attempt.

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