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Kickstarter Video Game Rip Offs

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Move aside Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Castlevania, Contra, MegaMan & Banjo & Kazooie because Kickstarter / IndieGoGo are here to revive these classic video games! except of course…. they won’t, they will fail HARD! ⬇️SOCIALS BELOW⬇️

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Today on KickScammers we are going to looking at the worst possible campaigns that are straight-up rip-offs of other more popular games.

Sure all games take inspiration from classic titles such as CupHead, Super Mario Bros, Mega-Man, and Banjo & Kazooie. However, these inspirations not only take it 1 step further… but as of the recording of this episode are still not finished.

And yes, the reason I bring these games up specifically is because all of them are ripped off in this very video!
Super RETRO squad:
Kewpie- Jazzy:
A huge shout-out goes to Jim Sterling & Triple Eye Gaming who both covered the Kewpie Jazzy game and are defo worth checking out…

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  1. 8:05 mmmmm, Metroid Prime menu theme. Damn good track that haha.

  2. That first kickstarter feels like the developer had no clear direction for that project. It seemed like he wanted to do more with the crossover idea instead of just changing the assets and calling it the day.

  3. Thank God humanity progressed past skit based Kickstarter videos. Imagine if FNF's Kickstarter was like that.

  4. The big difference between that first game and DNF is that DNF was constantly getting revised or flat out remade because George Broussard was constantly striving to incorporate things from new games into DNF to make it DNF relevant in whatever gaming landscape was at the time. That at least makes a little sense because he wanted to make a current feeling game. On the other hand the Kickstarter game was a retro game, it didn’t need to incorporate as much because the nature of the game meant there was no need for the bells and whistles current games need.

  5. What was that witch game in the into the cup head like one.. The art and game looked well made and the more anime style caught my eye 🙂

  6. I can't believe I'm hearing about Dalas Review on an english-speaking channel

  7. Who'd've thunk that Yooka-Laylee for furries would be a complete disaster…

  8. Did you know Dalas is now convinced he can create a lab to cure aging and live forever? Really. Future kickscammers gold.

  9. Can you combine the growth rate of the hair from the back of your skull with the front of your skull?

  10. Fur Fun… Worst. Game. Ever. I covered it, but was too small to get Dalas' attention.

    We tore it a new arse. Repeatedly.

  11. Jim Sterling was/is part of this program YouTube has/had for certain content creators that were subject to an inordinate number of false DMCA claims where they do what's basically giving them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to copyright claims and have a person review them first.

  12. FInally, Super Retro Squad got a video. I remember asking about this last year hoping for it to happen 😂

  13. 0:37 Also, nobody needed to be angry about Mighty No. 9. as Beck was already outshined by Azure Striker Gunvolt's Gunvolt before he even released. Didn't stop the two from teaming up and having a Gal Gun Angel in their multiversional mix-up too in Mighty Gunvolt. I didn't enjoy it all that much though. Playing Gunvolt without his trademark Electrosphere feels off.

  14. No, mate. Mighty Number 9 dserves as much hate as it gets. Terrible and insulting campaig, underdelivering of the promised product, terrible gfx downgrade, the creator opening a new kickstarter for another game before finishing this one instead of focusing on it… and the list goes. I'd say he deserves more hate than he gets.

  15. What can one learn from this video? You don't mess with Sterling.

    Other things, too. 🙂

  16. DJ Slope defending Mighty No. 9 harder than a prom fan on anime night

  17. Didn't Jay Pavlina start working on Super Mario Bros Crossover 4.0 back in late 2018/early 2019? It wasn't based on the Flash version, it was rebuilt from the ground up for Unity Web as Jay needed a platforming engine for Glitch Strikers. It was a barebones preview build and I don't know what happened to it. Jay and Exploding Rabbit's Twitter are inactive since April 2019.

    Jay Pavlina is such an enigma. I think he even wanted to make Hyper Manni Crossover which would have been a reskinned version of SMB Crossover, but never went far and the Exploding Rabbit Discord server is pretty much gone

  18. I'm surprised it took you this long to mention Super Retro Squad on here.
    All Jay had to do was reskin Super Mario Crossover and make new levels. I mean, yea.. sure.. probably porting code over to Unity would be a thing, but still. And heck, reskinning SMBC was already a thing at the time. So was making levels since he added the Lost Levels, and later those from another game I can't recall right now.

    Instead, he bought a house, flew his team down there to live with him (except one guy), and then decided to change course for whatever reason. That is to say, instead of going with the original plan.. he suddenly decided he wanted more instead. Terrible idea, unless it was planned before the project even launched.. which it wasn't. And after the project essentially failed, he threw his team under the bus instead of owning up to it.. a post that I believe was removed after he got called out for doing so.

    I loved SMBC and made a few skins.. a couple of which actually got added. Backed Super Retro Squad too, but still. Never asked for a refund, which a lot of people said was also a thing. I figured instead of going through that, he could keep my backing as a sort of 'thank you' for SMBC or whatever.

  19. The asset issue in these games is interesting, my kids play Rec Room and Roblox (poor them), I am stunned these games get a by with their blanket IP rip offs

  20. Nah Mighty no2 get all the hate it deserves

  21. My god, Dallas..
    He lives out of cheap scandals and controversies. A real YouTube patasite of the worst kind.

  22. Dallas did not send copyright claim to Jim Sterling for 2 reasons, likely:

    1) Jim has legal representatives and at this point little patience with BS copyright claims.
    2) Dallas normally runs away from trouble instead of facing responsibilities, that or he sends his legion of followers to harass critics and "enemies".

  23. 1:55 Why did you do that creepy zoom into his face? you using auto editing software again Slopes?

  24. Kickstarter really needs to abandon that Project We Love program. Aside from the fact that the platform should be neutral and not biasing projects with the endorsement, it's ended up being attached to so many scummy projects that have ripped people off. They really have terrible judgement.

  25. 1:53 Slope: "Yet Jay Pavlina…"

    Me, Absolutely terrified: "…please stop zooming in on him…"

  26. "So, we gonna finish the game?"
    "Nah, how about we destroy everything and rebuild it again eighteen times first?"

    This is why movies always have producers there to tell the directors when enough is enough.

  27. I mean, I assume you're gonna mention this but Cuphead is just mining the visual style of 30s animations. Doing that for your game isn't necessarily ripping off Cuphead any more than using ukiyo-e style visuals would be ripping off Okami and the like.

  28. I hope you have evidence of your claims because you can get sued for defamation. Dalas removed the game because he believed it was crap, it was not removed by Steam.

  29. Probably one of the reasons that the Jimquision didn't get a takedown performed is that they actively fight asshats that do that pull those fake dmca notices.

  30. >Be me, a spanish speaker.
    >I see "Kewpie Jazzie" appearing as the next one.
    >"Bad moon rising" starts playing.

  31. that's such a shitty lame sounding song and I was suprised to find out where it came from

  32. maybe he should've got a hair cut first!

  33. I don't get why cockheads try make games with other ppls assets and think it will fly

  34. He didn't go after Jim Sterling because of the Slaughtering Grounds disaster, and he knew Jim would fight back hard.

  35. That first dude's hair is desperately trying to escape his face

  36. Did you just rip off the Norwegian channel "Tv 2"'s logo?

  37. It's a shame too about super retro squad, it looks like the project had sooo much promise too… Sadly, it's stuck in eternal development h$%^ and will probably never release, and if it does couldn't possibly live up to the hyper after 10+ years of development purgatory 🙁

  38. Well i wouldn't say 75 out of 100 is a mixed review (Yooka Laylee) It's actually a pretty good score for a game.

  39. yooka laylee is absolute trash its like hey we are like rare but we dont know any thing about making video games or level design

  40. No love/hate for SpaceVenture. 9 years and still not out.

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