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Kickstarter Video Game Rip Offs

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Move aside Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Castlevania, Contra, MegaMan & Banjo & Kazooie because Kickstarter / IndieGoGo are here to revive these classic video games! except of course…. they won’t, they will fail HARD! ⬇️SOCIALS BELOW⬇️

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Today on KickScammers we are going to looking at the worst possible campaigns that are straight-up rip-offs of other more popular games.

Sure all games take inspiration from classic titles such as CupHead, Super Mario Bros, Mega-Man, and Banjo & Kazooie. However, these inspirations not only take it 1 step further… but as of the recording of this episode are still not finished.

And yes, the reason I bring these games up specifically is because all of them are ripped off in this very video!
Super RETRO squad:
Kewpie- Jazzy:
A huge shout-out goes to Jim Sterling & Triple Eye Gaming who both covered the Kewpie Jazzy game and are defo worth checking out…

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  1. The number 2 you used is the logo for a Norwegian television channel called "TV2".

  2. furfun game look so bootleg feel because of no proper lighting and looks dull. like some bad indie game.

  3. That Jay fella looks like he's constantly catching a whiff of a fart

  4. I swear I saw Jay Pavlina on ID Discovery last night….

  5. Is this overgrowth downgrade? xD The physics seems same' ish

  6. Yooooo…..can you please do a video about Zachary Danger and his Potato Salad Kickstarter??

  7. Kewpie Jazzy could have been good if the makers of it wasn’t trash

  8. Jim Sterling is one of the few contreversial people that i as a fellow contreversial person find annoying since he keeps being negativity biased

  9. You are STILLLLLLL using this wack ass "take you for a ride" loop? For fucks sake so lazy dude

  10. You should be mad 😡 because TheTimTracker’s channel just got reported for being a cyber bullying and impersonating I flagged TheTimTracker’s YouTube channel and you should tell him that I flagged his YouTube channel thank you 🙏 and hopefully 🙏 he can fix the channel.

  11. It's been 9 years since I wasted $15 on Super Retro Squad!? At least it was only $15. And honestly, I kinda felt bad for them, dude was clearly not cut out to take on a project that big, but I feel worse for people who put up big money for the project.

    But fortunately, it's the only project I think I've ever gotten burned on.

  12. Nightmare Timone can't eat your Soul
    Kewpie – Jazzy:

  13. Controversial opinion time;
    MN9 was way better then Yooka-Layle, it just had worse marketing and higher expectations.

  14. No, Mighty No. 9 is garbage level shit, and it doesn't get ENOUGH hate. And I really don't appreciate you letting that piece of crap off as light as you did. It's awful, and it deserves all the hate it ever got and more.

  15. He knew not to mess with Jim Stirling lol.

  16. Mighty No. 9 gets more hate than it deserves? No, it deserves every ounce of hate it gets, it seriously underdelivered what was promised, it has some bugs that should never have gotten past QA (if there was any at all) and said bugs were rarely ever fixed, it's the Aliens: Colonial Marines of side-scrollers.

  17. Is it just me or is that Streets of Rage picture about a millimetre too far to the right compared to the Shinobi one? 10:38

  18. Super Retro Squad guy looks like a Scooby Doo bad guy.

  19. dude has eyes of a psychopath, nobodies home, if they look crazy probably not a good idea to give them your money

  20. Kewpie has that signature UE4 (or Unity) asset flip generic look. Something about the stock animation and motion blur

  21. I still see a few copies mighty no 9 for sale at my local walmart for like $9

  22. good to know that dallas is now know in english places
    still remenber of the time he did a mobile game called "blue whale" to scare people
    fun times ngl but yeah he was kinda of a jackass

  23. The first one is pretty obvious maybe, but I don't think the second one really is truly a "rip-off" because to say it would be would be like saying Banjo is a rip-off of Mario, or that basically any major great game is when we bring up a character design slightly looking similar to another. The game itself doesn't look very great, but to act it being a unique "rip-off" as a bad thing just because of 'creative' similarities is like saying so many other spiritual successor games are. Genshin Impact drama all over again basically.

    I am aware of the asset part by the way, but I'm mainly talking about the original content part having 'similar' styles here and there.

  24. That guy looks like drugged up Phil Fish. Big red flag people.

  25. Yookah-laylee is still a better Banjo-Kazooie game then Nuts and Bolts

  26. almost threw my laptop when that picture started getting closer

  27. Jay Pavelina has the mannerisms of the HWGuy in tf2

  28. 0:54 The good old norwegian TV2 logo from the 90's.

  29. How are all people of what I perceive to be your ethnicity and religion so charismatic and entertaining while being so goofy at the same time in your younger years? I love it.

  30. I think the first one could have been successful, maybe even a classic, if they actually stuck with their guns and made the game they promised from the start.


  32. Fur-Fun is literally the worst 3D platformer of all time.

  33. Thanks Dan, for not playing the entire video-bid – the only piece of film with a greater potential to cause the wilful removal of eyes from sockets, is……..anything involving teens, singing and dancing 😐

  34. Could've been Sterling's experience with Digital Homicide that left him out of the copyright strikes ? Can't recall the timeline off the top of my head…

  35. Have you ever checked out 20XX or the in early access 30XX? You'll get your Megaman fix and then some.

  36. I wonder if anyone still has the Super Mario Bros Crossover skins that never made it into the actual game cause there was a whole bunch of them from the SMBC 2.0 era, possibly even before Super Retro Squad was announced.

  37. If Glitch Strikers ever comes out it will most likely meet the same fate as Flappy Bird since it uses similar overworks sprites to Mario.

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