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Here we have one of the weirdest backstories to ever grace a crowdfunding campaign! This is the story of Jasmine Tridevil’s 3rd…. ya know (.) (.) (.) | Don’t forget to use code “Slope” at the checkout in order to get 10% off and use this link ⬇️SOCIALS BELOW⬇️

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Let me tell you a tale of one of the Internets strangest GoFund Me’s ever!
Was the surgery that Jasmine Claimed to have had bogus? Today on Slope’s Game Room I will reveal all!
No Joking… this has got to be the weirdest video I have ever made!

Huge thanks to Rewind Mike for his editing work on this video, go check him out here… @RewindMike

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  1. IT WAS SO OBVIOUSLY FAKED! The amount of scarring to implant enough cadaver skin to provide a pocket for the implant would be impossible to hide and magically we don't see any scar at all. Not to mention the issue with the sternum, the lack of proper muscless to keep the implant in place, the disfugurment and remodeling of the other breasts that would be required to keep enough space for additiona breasts…
    I'mma say she got a good prostetic and tried to make cash on it, hoping it wouldn't get out and that outrage would come late enough she'd have made a back.

  2. Must say for a person who only saw the pixels I felt like Skinner from the Simpson when he watched ‘Man without a face’. Finding out this is about 3 breast (well having an extra one added) shattered the window and now I can see it (in the picture of the video)

  3. What the hell is wrong with that reporter? Asking for a better shot of that girl's breasts for the local news?! Damn pervert.

  4. She passed a psych eval? I dunno how about that.

  5. Why are you afraid to cover the chuck tingle kickstarter scam?

  6. the funniest part about this you will never see. I put a lot of things on my queue to watch so this one is first.. the next video on this list? the title? CHEST MONSTER ! lol! ( HERMICRAFT EPISODE8: EPISODE 24 CHEST MONSTER, But still. )I didn't even realize it until this one ended .

  7. everyone talks about women's rights. how about we talk about women's wrongs?

  8. I once interviewed her for a magazine and she hung up after the first question. Guess what it was?

  9. There was a 3rd Boob lady in AHS? when was this?

  10. All this censoring is of satirical nature, right?
    Clothed breasts or the word "breast" can't be offensive to anyone.

  11. For someone who claims to hate attention, she really seemed desperate for it. Who'da thunk?

  12. i get teh bluring, IF AND ONLY IF she was nude under those blurs, but come the fuck on dude, the other censorship is just plain evil. there is NOTHING "dirty" :"naughty" or "nasty" about "tits" "boobs" "breasts" "bazangas" "melons" "chest pillows" or any other euphemism for that part of the female anatomy.

  13. “Boobs…They’re all a bunch of boobs.”- Ozzy Osbourne, Austin Powers in Goldmember

  14. Wow…about two minutes of actual kickscammer.

  15. She did it for attention. What a liar that woman 😂

  16. So the word Breast is taboo on youtube now? I can watch videos where real people die in horrible ways but cant see a fake mammary? All the censoring on this vid made it pretty unwatchable. Youtube is getting a bit pathetic tbh.

  17. Really, the word "breast" has to be censored?

  18. i think there’s a little bit of video hid between those censoring bonks lmao

  19. May I ask, why is the word breast censored now? Especially since you know the video's gonna be demonitized anyway? Is the word chest gonna be censored next because we are so damning of the human body, or is it strictly women bodyparts we are afraid of? I mean men can show nipples as well, but women can't… for some reason. Oooohhh, the female body is so scawy O_o

  20. Why should anyone fund this if she doesn't want to be famous?

  21. Ok it's men finding that Kickstarter..


    really? It's the malementality I guess..

    Be personally you seen one pair of breast they're really all the same I guess..

    Unless the woman has one square and one rectangle.. while being one blue and the other being green..

    That would be impressive..

    But other than that.. breasts look like runny eggs or bags full of sand.

    I'm truly not being an a**** or chauvinist pig.
    Who really cares about breasts.

  22. Hi love your videos please make a history of videos about onimusha games and army men games did you know they made a new PS4 army men game called mean greens and please make a video about blitzkrieg games , age of Empires games & parasite eve games.

  23. …is the Youtube bot so prudish that you can't even say the word "boob" or "breast" or whatever? There's honestly no reason to censor that, it's not like it's a swear or anything :T

  24. I doubt she had that many guys fawning over her before the 3rd boob. She looks alright but nothing too special, her ego is a bit too high.

  25. Look yourself in the mirror and ask that question?

  26. But the 3rd breast part.
    Confused me..

    Did she really try to emulate.. the scene from the movie.. Total recall?

  27. When did we stop being allowed to say the real names of body parts? If we can't say breast then surely we shouldn't be allowed to say head of arm of leg either.

  28. And how the hell she did it without medical proof..

    Yes somehow she attach a third breast without medical surgical proof..
    Did she get that breast from a donation corpse?

    We're the evidence?

    Did her body reject or try to reject that third breast? Where's the medical evidence?

    Well obviously she has three breasts now so is she flonting them on the Internet..

    She has three breasts right now..


  29. This is gonna be a tough one to get through, I can just tell…

    Edit: Nah, nevermind. Wasn't too bad

  30. How could this have happened?

    "Back in mid-2014, where a young Florida based…" Say no more.

  31. Disgusting. What a pathetic attention seeker.

  32. the funniest thing about this episode is the part where it says having a problem with the censorship XDDDDD

  33. shoulda played the simp card with the 500 dollar donation

  34. Ahh the days of the Internet when stuff like this, the octomom and the pregnant man were sweeping over everything…god we were dumb 😂

  35. Whaddup Slope? Sup Gang. Hope everyone is well. Good luck and good health you all of you and your loved ones. ✌️

  36. Schwarzenegger's Total Recall & Mars instantly popped in all us 80's Babies & 90's Teens' minds when "3 b00bs" was mentioned, so nostalgic.

  37. This lady is insane. Like certifiably.

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