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Here we have one of the weirdest backstories to ever grace a crowdfunding campaign! This is the story of Jasmine Tridevil’s 3rd…. ya know (.) (.) (.) | Don’t forget to use code “Slope” at the checkout in order to get 10% off and use this link ⬇️SOCIALS BELOW⬇️

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Let me tell you a tale of one of the Internets strangest GoFund Me’s ever!
Was the surgery that Jasmine Claimed to have had bogus? Today on Slope’s Game Room I will reveal all!
No Joking… this has got to be the weirdest video I have ever made!

Huge thanks to Rewind Mike for his editing work on this video, go check him out here… @RewindMike

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  1. Hi love your videos please make a history of videos about Onimusha games and army men games did you know they made a new PS4 army men game called mean greens and please make a video about blitzkrieg games , age of Empires games & parasite eve games & Medal of Honor ( don't forget about medal of homer game ) and the commandos games.

  2. Meh… She have her own YouTube channel. It for sure didn't look what I was expecting even though I don't know exactly what I was expecting. But… You are all better off looping that scene from Total Recall if three boobs is something you want to see.

  3. That day when youtube got so fucking corpopuritan that even "breast" is a forbidden word. I actually can't watch the video to the end because those boings annoy me to no end.

  4. I remember hearing about this awhile ago. Of course it was fake..

  5. Honestly she'd probably just run away with the money and get a prosthetic that emits heat.

  6. With this amount of censorship, this might as well be a podcast XD

  7. You missed a trick by not recreating Jasmine's shout out to donors when you did the shout out to your supporters!

  8. You need to turn off motion blur. Or reduce your camera shutter speed.

  9. Looks like her hopes went tits up.

    I'll see myself out.

  10. So… How is this Slope's Game Room exactly?

  11. Sorry toomuch censoring Sound shit…. I cant watch this….

  12. A sucker born every minute seems to hardly cover this.

  13. That was a trip and probably the most censored video I've seen on YouTube haha

  14. Do you seriously have to censor the word "breast" now?

  15. no, i think that's enough internet for me today. i have less than zero desire to find those videos

  16. I've seen this movie before….Total Recall was better.

  17. Instead of the sound effect, you should have censored it by saying "breats" like Caddicarus when he's making fun of video game fans talking about boobs. Or, alternatively, more ridiculous synonyms every time. Bazonkers. Honkondonkaroos…

  18. Am I the only person who thinks she looks like Amy Schumer a bit? That seems to make this whole thing doubly unfortunate

  19. Would an implant show a heat signal though? With no blood flow…

  20. I actually know her and who made it lol she didn't do it. It was a prosthetic and it blew up in her face when story went national. It was a hilarious prank tho due to how many fell for it. We are odd but fun group here in Tampa lol

  21. Her: "I got a third one because I wanted to be less attractive to men…"
    Men who have seen the original Total Recall: heavy breathing intensifies

  22. Wait. She says she wants to be unattractive to men but then mentions she wants to go to the beach in a swimsuit. Well that defeats the purpose.

  23. When considering a major procedure like this, an ethical plastic surgeon will do a mental health assessment beforehand…

    People like this are the reason why..

  24. Well… now I know who Jasmine Tridevil is…. thanks for that. 😛

  25. I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

  26. Well I'm glad the death was fake, because it's the first thing I saw even before I clicked on "search" to see her pictures. What? A blurred image fosters curiosity. Perfectly natural curiosity.

  27. Having watched Total Recall as a kid I fully understand why she did this. The three titted hooker mutant was hot as hell.

  28. You know, if she had admitted it was a costume, she probably could've done a lot better financially. She probably alienated a lot of people that would have been willing to hire her by being crazy and insisting that it was real…

  29. So part of the backstory that she brags/lies about is that she's a domestic abuser despite being a victim of domestic abuse herself. What a classy lady.

  30. Less stupid things about things like this and MORE ABOUT GAMES

  31. Famous ? . . . More like infamous !
    👍 😉

  32. all these blurry shots… last I checked youtube allows nudity as there are tons of 80ies movies with it uploaded on youtube. And seriously, since when does the word "breast" need to be censored?

  33. Seriously, why do the "BOING" sounds instead of saying BREAST or BOOB??? Since when is breast a word you cannot bloody say on stupid youtube anymore??? It's not a dirty word, ALL women have them! Some apparently have more than two… 😛

  34. "My eyes are up here!"

  35. Most of us won't understand it, but you know… some of us watched Total Recall when we were younger, we understand it's the "dream".

    And honestly, it does sound like she's really understands how to get attention… I mean good for her and honestly… I don't mind hearing the story because it's wicked interesting, weird but interesting.

  36. What a pathetic human being this woman is.

  37. What’s the point I only got 2 hands lol 😂

  38. Well you know what they say 3RD TIMES A CHARM😂😂😂

  39. omg a wallet that cost 25% of my salary. wow

  40. I thought the gofundme is for a “Quaddevil”

  41. I love "Total Recall" too, but you don't see ME crowdfunding so I get my very own Kuato grafted to my stomach.

  42. This is what happens when you don't beat your daughters from infancy.

  43. To be fair it's a brilliantly simple idea for someone who wants fame without talent. Not surprised this was in Florida.

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